How to disable “Last Seen Timestamp” in iOS WhatsApp

On January 17, 2014


WhatsApp has lately become one of the most popular applications of conversation. With WhatsApp you can easily send pictures, video and audio files to friends.

Like any other IM app, WhatsApp shows if the messages were sent and read, shows if a friend is online or not, but it also shows when he/she had last used the application and this is quite weird.

This last option, displaying when you last used application, annoys many users.

In this article I wanted to show you how we can turn this option off.

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp and access the Settings menu;
  • Step 2: Enter the Chat Settings;
  • Step 3: Scroll to find Advanced;
  • Step 4: Touch Last Seen Timestamp and put it off;
  • Step 5: WhatsApp allows us to re-enable the option only after 24 hours after the last action.

Required WhatsApp Application. Turn Last Seen TimeStamp ON/OFF in Conversation Chat at anytime you like. Enable it inside Settings App.

Once you disable it the friends and contacts in WhatsApp will not be able to see when you last accessed the application or whether you are online at this very moment. Cool, isn’t it?