iPhoto for iOS can now delete photos from Camera Roll


On October 26, 2013

This week Apple released an update for iPhoto app from the Apple App Store, implementing some new and useful features for iDevice owners. Among the updates implemented by Apple there is also the ability to finally manage the available photos from Camera Roll, function being unavailable until now. Although we are talking about an Apple application […]

Safari – A Pleasant Surprise To iOS 7


On August 5, 2013

iOS 7 contains many updates and Apple didn’t covered them all, but I am sure that you had also discovered many useful things. Today I will say that I am impressed by what Apple did with Safari in iOS 7, the browser needing major changes and Apple offered exactly that. Aside from the fact that […]

Splashtop Personal – Remote Desktop Is Available In App Store


On July 28, 2013

Splashtop Personal – Remote Desktop is one of the App Store’s applications that allows us to connect remotely to our desktops and control them with the help of our device. Using this system you can remotely control any function of your computer, just as if you were there, but all the action is done by the […]

Top Free iPhone And iPad Apps – July 2013


On July 25, 2013

1. Dropbox is a free service that stores your data in the limit of 2 GB and you can keep using or synchronize data and files between your computer and your phone or tablet. To access and use Dropbox you need an internet connection on your phone or computer, and the application also works on […]

Google Maps 2.0 Is Available On iOS – New Web Interface Is Accessible To Anyone


On July 17, 2013

A week ago, Google announced the launch of the new version of Google Maps. If Android users have been enjoying it almost immediately, iOS users had to wait until today. On this occasion, the new Web interface, which was only available on an invitation, became accessible to everyone. From failing its launch last year and […]

App Store – Full Of Useless Applications That No One Downloads Them


On July 11, 2013

The App Store dedicated to owners of Apple tablets and phones is apparently infested with Zombies applications that do not appear in lists of recommendation provided by Apple and are only rarely downloaded by someone, their presence is justified only for artificially inflating the official statistics collection of available applications. According Adeven, a company specialized […]

Soundwave – An Application To Help You Discover What Music People Around You Listen


On June 24, 2013

Soundwave has become one of the Editor’s Choice last week in the App Store during the Friday and we are talking about an application supported by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, it helping us to discover the music which the world around us listen.

iOS 7 SD Brings iOS 7 On iPhone 3GS


On June 22, 2013

If you have an iPhone 3GS, then you probably already know that you will not be able to run the new iOS 7 as soon as it will be officially released through iTunes, which is somewhere in September. Even if Apple does not offer us the opportunity to use it there is another way. A […]

Microsoft Launches Office Mobile For Office 365 In App Store


On June 14, 2013

With only a few tens of minutes ago Microsoft released the Office Mobile application for Office 365 in App Store, through it giving users the ability to access, view and edit documents created in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint.

PhotosEnhancer Pro Implements Many New Features To Camera Roll And Interacts With Photos Or Videos


On June 9, 2013

PhotosEnhancer Pro is a tweak released during the night in Cydia and its role is to enhance its way of interacting with photos or videos from your Camera Roll. This tweak gives us the options to hide albums and protect them with a password, to share pictures and videos on multiple social networks or websites, […]