App Store – Full Of Useless Applications That No One Downloads Them

On July 11, 2013

The App Store dedicated to owners of Apple tablets and phones is apparently infested with Zombies applications that do not appear in lists of recommendation provided by Apple and are only rarely downloaded by someone, their presence is justified only for artificially inflating the official statistics collection of available applications.

According Adeven, a company specialized in monitoring, about two-thirds of the applications available in the App Store never appear in the main list which lists the most downloaded iOS apps, remaining almost completely invisible to users and almost never downloaded. Thus, out of the 300,000 iOS applications remaining as selections the rest of 579 001 apps are officially invisible to users and never appears in the top lists of searches results.

However, Apple states that 90% of the applications available in the App Store are downloaded at least once a month, and the total number of downloads now exceeds 50 billion figure. Unfortunately, in the absence of more detailed statistics from Apple, the company’s study of analysis can not determine the exact number of downloaded counted, but it certainly is very small if we consider only applications remaining outside the main list.

This is not the first time Apple was criticized for blindly promoting the total number of apps available in the App Store, ignoring its quality. Another company accused the Cupertino company that chooses to ignore the issue of so-called “bulk apps” – identical applications with the same functionality, differentiated only by minimal changes to the interface and set of content information.

Despite the rather dusty collection of applications, Apple profits generated from applications from the App Store seems to have not affected the company paying application developers no less than $10 billion in the past five years, half of the amount in last 12 months.