The Prototype Of The iPhone Sold On eBay For Only $1,499


On January 2, 2014

iPhone is a controversial device. Both you like it and get to love it very much or do not like at all, and you also end up hating its ardent users. One thing is true, the older Apple devices prove to be a positive step for collectors and the prototype of an Apple smartphone would […]

iPhones beat Android on the Christmas shopping


On December 27, 2013

If Christmas purchases boom ended, a study captures the importance of iPhones and iPads on this festive period. It should not come as a surprise that online purchases are conducted by the same portable gadgets. For this reason, the people at Digital Analytics Benchmark Hub – an IBM company, took advantage of the magic of […]

Siri will be able to search through available photos

Apple has implemented a system in iOS 7 that allows us to sort photos available in Camera Roll on the basis of criteria that can be customized, but the changes do not stop here. Based on an application for registration of a new patent we learn that Apple is looking to offer for Siri the […]

Apple signed a contract with China Mobile – The biggest mobile operator worldwide


On December 23, 2013

Although it has not been easy, Apple is trying for a long time for expanding in China and they have just nailed a deal with the management of the largest mobile operator in the world, China Mobile. Most times, Apple contracts with various local telephone operators do not have a major impact on the company’s […]

iPhone 5S and iPad Air (iOS 7) users received the first untethered Jailbreak!

iDevice users who have installed the latest mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 7, receive a “gift” for the holidays from the evasiOn team – an untethered jailbreak for both Windows and Mac users. You still need to keep in mind that the version of the jailbreak is incomplete at this time. Rushing a publication […]

It’s official, Google Glass goes in tandem with an iPhone


On December 20, 2013

Although I had major reservations such that this will ever happen, today Google Glass also works with iPhones, we see now MyGlass on iOS. Google Glass is a revolutionary gadget whose functionality depends largely on a phone that you have in your pocket, more specifically, an application entitled MyGlass. As expected, once with several pairs […]

10 Best iOS Apps For The Holidays


On December 19, 2013

Since the Holiday season is approaching, we’ve decided to put together a list of 10 best apps for iPhone and iPad, just for smoothing things out for this year’s app gifts. 10.¬†Santa’s Defense A tower defense which is also available in its paid version: here Santa Claus must defeat all opponents who try to ruin […]

iOS 7 compatibility is mandatory for App Store applications from February 2014


On December 18, 2013

Apple released this fall the seventh version of the iOS platform, and it brought, besides a completely redone interface and a 64-bit software architecture, new features and improved development of software interfaces. The platform began with a series of problems, but Apple has already solved some of them, and the 7.1 update, which is currently […]

Some Interesting Concepts: iPhone Air And iPhone 6C [VIDEO]


On December 16, 2013

After MacBook Air and iPad Air seems that iPhone Air and iPhone 6C fallows the same steps, the C letter is reference for Curved screen. Given the unbridled popularity of the latest iDevice, should not come as a surprise that the next images are made by creative minds that inhabit the online world. In other […]

iOS vs Android – Fragmentation of the two operating systems


On December 15, 2013

One of the biggest differences between the most popular operating systems for mobile devices, iOS and Android is their fragmentation. Updates way for the two operating systems reaching the users is totally different. When a new version of iOS appears, Apple releases it to iTunes or directly through the OTA (Over the Air) for all […]