Here Is The Red iPhone 5C Along With Its Price


On August 9, 2013

Initially denied by the company officials, the existence of an iPhone model for those with low budgets was confirmed with pictures and even a video presentation on the subject of plastic cover which will cover the back of the new smartphone. Meanwhile, we learned that the mysterious iPhone plastic could be officially launched after the […]

iOS 5 Beta 7 Solves Important Applications Issue But Comes With A High Boot Time

Apart from small changes implemented by Apple in its new iOS 5 beta 7, the company has solved a very important problem that gave immensely headaches to iPhones owners. Specifically, Apple has solved the problems that prevented some applications to run in the beta operating system. Applications like Skype or Plants vs Zombies 2 can […]

Users Prefer iOS 7 Design – Would Like A Fingerprint Reader Instead Of Passwords


On August 8, 2013

iOS 7 contains numerous changes in design and although at first users were not quite so happy with what Apple thought for them, it seems that things have changed quite a lot in two months. A study conducted online for a few weeks now compare the main elements of the user interface of iOS 7 […]

Celeste 2 For iOS 6 Will Be Released In Cydia


On August 7, 2013

Nearly half a year after the launch of iOS 6 jailbreak solution called evasi0n developers from CocoanutApps are preparing to officially launch Celeste 2. If you did not know already, Celeste 2 application allows you to transfer files between Apple devices and other terminals using Bluetooth, which is without question one of the most complex […]

Apple Is Launching A Program That Offers Low Priced Chargers In Exchange For Fake Ones


On August 6, 2013

Following the incidents that took place in China and Australia and sent people to hospital after using counterfeit chargers for iPhones, people at Apple have decided to take action and started a program called USB Power Adapter Takeback Program. As of August 9, in China, and August 16th in the entire world, Apple Company will […]

Safari – A Pleasant Surprise To iOS 7


On August 5, 2013

iOS 7 contains many updates and Apple didn’t covered them all, but I am sure that you had also discovered many useful things. Today I will say that I am impressed by what Apple did with Safari in iOS 7, the browser needing major changes and Apple offered exactly that. Aside from the fact that […]

Over Half Of The Applications Should Be Updated To Be Compatible With iOS 7


On August 4, 2013

iOS 7 will bring many changes and, as normal, developers will need to update their applications to make them compatible with the new version of the operating system for iPhones. According to a recent study conducted by The Iconfactory, 52% of applications in the App Store needs be updated to work correctly in iOS 7 […]

iPhone 5C, Dissected – New Images With Its Front Panel And Components


On August 3, 2013

After we had the opportunity to closely study the white plastic cover reserved for its back, the Apple phone known by the name of iPhone 5C can be seen in new images showing its front side, camera module and most internal components. According to the source, iPhone 5C is a more accessible version of Apple’s […]

Download iTunes 11.1 And iOS 7 Beta 4 Now


On July 31, 2013

The new iOS 7 Beta 4 is available during last night for iOS application developers, but now you can also download it, if you are interested. If you already have iOS 7 installed, you can make an OTA update without any problems, but if you cannot go through this process, then you can use a […]

The First Information About Cheap iPhone That Needs To Be Taken Into Account


On July 30, 2013

The online world is almost suffocated by rumors and speculation with or without pictures, about the supposed cheap iPhone as promoted, now called iPhone 5C. We have been reluctant to publish such information in excess because until now we had no proof that they are based on some truth. As I said, we now have […]