The First Image Of iOS 7 And Its Homescreen


On June 4, 2013

A week from today we will see for the first time iOS 7 presented by Apple and will be available the first beta build for developers, but until then we see here the first image of the new version of the operating system. The image was taken in a quite old alpha build and many […]

Cheap iPhone Comes In Two Alleged Pictures


On June 3, 2013

The cheap iPhone would be now in the final stages of development at Apple and two images appeared in China that would present the future device. Each image has its source and in both shows exactly the same thing which resembles the terminal device described in rumors appeared before. The curved casing made of plastic, with thick […]

iOS 7 Has Implemented AirDrop Function To Allow Us To Share Files Between Devices Using Wi-Fi Direct

Airdrop is an implemented system by Apple in OS X and it allows owners of Macs to transfer files between computers using a simple Wi-Fi Direct connection. Basically the user is connected to another Mac, makes drag & drop to a file into a special menu, and the file appears on the other Mac HDD. […]

The New Apple IDs Security System Doesn't Protect Data Stored In iCloud


On May 31, 2013

A few weeks ago, the people at Apple have implemented a new protection system for the Apple IDs, it allows owners of Apple IDs to add a new security “layer” for the accounts taken from iTunes, iCloud, etc. Wanting to check how vulnerable Apple IDs and iCloud data are after implementation of security measures, those […]

Here's What You Should Expect From WWDC 2013


On May 30, 2013

WWDC 2013 will start on June 10, Apple confirmed that on the keynote opening will present iOS 7 and OS X 10.9, but those close to the Cupertino gives us some details about what you would really see. For starters we should mention that there are no new iPhones or iPads, the only hardware that […]

iPhone 5S Could Have A Retina Display With Full HD Resolution And Thin Edges


On May 29, 2013

A new rumor emerged today on the websites from China which suggest that Apple planned to double the number of pixels in the display of the iPhone 5S device and that would have thinner edges, just like the iPad Mini. According to rumor, Retina display of iPhone 5S would take nearly 2 times more pixels […]

Apple Will Launch A Cheaper iPad Mini Version

Little by little, Apple is forced to align to trends that dictate the tablet market by launching more devices to compete against cheap Android-based products. According to analysts, the current iPad Mini is not cheap enough to be a credible alternative to entry-level tablets based on Android, so here is the need for a model […]

WWDC 2013 And An Attempt To Decipher The Invitation For The Event


On May 28, 2013

In April, Apple announced worldwide that on June 10, 2013 is to keep the opening keynote of WWDC 2013 and present iOS 7, OS X 10.9 but not only that. Because nobody knows what Apple will present outside the two versions of the operating systems, on the Internet assumptions began to emerge, one of them […]

WWDC 2013 Is Near – New Rumors About iOS 7


On May 27, 2013

Annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2013 Conference will start on June 10 and close to the event in which Apple will introduce the next iOS 7 version, there are coming out more and more rumors about important updates. After Scott Forstall left the leader position of the entire software division, managing tasks of software design were […]

Shazam Becomes An Universal App for iPhone and iPad – 6.0.0 Version Brings Many News


On May 26, 2013

Shazam is an app for smartphones and tablets with which users can easily find out what song is played on the radio, in the cafeteria, on television or in any place where can a song be heard. The application has become extremely popular among users, and those from Shazam continue to develop and implement new […]