Apple patents a system that would allow us to rent or resell applications purchased from the App Store


On March 7, 2013

Many people complain because the App Store does not allow applications to be used in demo format for users to figure out if the acquired title deserved to be buyed or not. Apple does not have how to rezlve this problem, but they thought of a system that could allow users to rent or resell […]

iPhone 5S would have gone into production at Foxconn, the launch would be scheduled for the summer of 2013


On March 6, 2013

Following the rumors on the internal structure of the iPhone 5S terminal, today we learn that Foxconn had already begun to produce terminal in their own factories, but in moderation cuantities now. iPhone 5S would be assembled on production lines that iPhone 5 is manufactured, meaning that the external structure of the device is unchanged, […]

Apple could launch an iPhone of 4.5" in 2014


On March 5, 2013

As we are already used to rumors about future Apple phones that are appearing more frequently when the release date approaches. The information below is however very interesting in the current context. It seems that Apple will give market pressures and the smartphone comes with a screen of 4.5″. Do not know how many sacrifices […]

Apple implemented a mini computer in its Lightning AV Adapter


On March 2, 2013

Lightning technology implemented by Apple on its iPhones stunned a lot of people, mainly because the components are found in cables or adapters, but also because of the high level of security of these accessories.

iPhone 5S could have a thinner and stronger dual LED flash


On March 1, 2013

Apple could launch an iPhone that has a screen of 4.5 inch, plastic casing similar to the MacBook design launched by Apple a few years ago. Part of the rumor published last night is talking about iPhone 5S which would have a built-in dual LED flash, improved terminal capacity to take pictures in low light […]

Apple preparing to launch iPhone 5S reducing component orders for iPhone 5


On February 28, 2013

iPhone 5 is available for purchase from September of last year, and its existence as a high-end terminal would be shortened by Apple as iPhone 5S will hit the market in June this year. Although Apple has not confirmed rumors published to date, the company had already begun to reduce some of the orders for […]

iOS 6.1.2 – last chance to make jailbreak for iOS 6


On February 26, 2013

After half a week of waiting, last night we finally learned that iOS 6.1.3 beta 2 blocks two exploits used for evasi0n untethered jailbreak solution and as soon as this version of iOS will be released we will not be able to jailbreak. Apple does not seem to speed up the release of iOS 6.1.3, […]

Apple produces the most solid smartphones, iPhones could be up to 300% more resistant than Samsung terminals


On February 23, 2013

Although it seems very hard to believe that Apple is presented by FixYa, a company that has a website dedicated to solving smartphone problems as the maker of smartphones that last longer. According to data collected from over 700,000 issues reported on its website, those from FixYa say that Apple produces the most durable terminals, […]

iOS 7 could be presented in an Apple event that could be held in April


On February 16, 2013

According to American analysts, in April Apple will hold an event in which will present something new to the general public, but no one knows for sure what. From the new iPad tablet to Apple TV software, analysts say that Apple will present a major release in April. They analyzed the time elapsed between events […]

Apple loses the right over the iPhone trademark in Brazil


On February 14, 2013

A few weeks ago we told you that Apple would lose ownership of the iPhone trademark in Brazil and could be forced to remove the product from sale. Well, some of these things happened, Office for patents and trademarks in Brazil announced that a company called Gradiente owns the trademark rights, and Apple will be […]