The Cheap iPhone Appears In An Alleged Video And Is Available For Purchase


On July 7, 2013

Apple has not yet made it clear that it will launch a cheaper iPhone, but we’ve seen before carcasses of the future device and a Chinese company managed to obtain an assembled version that shows in the video above. Note that the terminal has a plastic case apparently identical to those presented on the internet […]

Apple Is Forced To Choose Another Name For Its SmartWatch


On July 5, 2013

Although Apple began registering iWatch as brand name in many countries around the world, in the most important markets may need to purchase or license  already registered brands. In the U.S. and UK, iWatch name was registered as trademark a few years ago, and for Apple it could be a big, big problem. If you’re wondering […]

iOS 7 Reminders OffeiOS 7 Remindersrs New Options For Geofence Function

iOS 7 contains many updates to users, one of them is related to establishing a geofence function on whose leaving reminders are automatically activated. However, the application allows us to establish a geographic area when we set a reminder, and when leaving the geographical area, reminders will be automatically activated to remind us that we […]

Tim Cook Prepares Attractive Promotions Designed To Increase iPhone Sales


On July 4, 2013

A few days ago Tim Cook hosted a private conference in which he spoke in front of the Apple Store leaders around the world about the importance of selling iPhones and about ways which would increase these sales. Tim Cook said that the Apple Store sell more Macs and iPads then iPhones terminals and it […]

Here Comes The Price Of the Cheap iPhone


On July 3, 2013

The low-cost iPhone from Apple is a chopped topic during this period. Appeared possible specifications, design ideas and even a price list for the “economic” smartphone from Apple. , A Chinese user behind several previously published information which were posted in premiere on Twitter and confirmed the future prices of low cost iPhone or iPhone […]

Apple Has Registered A Patent For Adjusting The Transparency Of The Screen Frame

We do not know if or when Apple will use this patent, but it sounds at least interesting and applicable to a very popular gadget today: the tablet. Screen frame has mostly the black color and does not cover the screen surface. Apple wants to be able to build a custom material which becomes transparent […]

iPhone 5S Would Be Compatibil With The LTE Advanced Standard


On July 2, 2013

iPhone 5 is the first and, so far, only iPhone compatible with 4G LTE networks worldwide and its heir, iPhone 5S will follow in his footsteps, but would also be compatible with LTE Advanced standard. Korean operator SK Telekom contacted Apple asking that LTE Advanced standard will be implemented in the iPhone 5S, and presently […]

Release Date of iPhone 5S Announced By Analysts. Immediately Following The Cheap iPhone


On June 30, 2013

According to analysts, we don’t have to wait for long until the two phones will be on the market. Analysts cited by the prestigious Forbes magazine estimated that the future of mobile iPhone 5S will be presented on September 20. They say that iOS 7 operating system, now in beta, will be officially launched on […]

iPhone Is The Most Profitable Product In The U.S.


On June 29, 2013

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, but in the U.S. is the most profitable produced by a local company. 125 million iPhones were sold in 2012 by Apple, their sales revenues accounting for over half of total revenue recorded by the Company. Specifically, from its sales of 156.5 billion […]

Bright – A New Virtual Assistant Conceived By Siri Creators


On June 28, 2013

SRI International, the company that developed the personal assistant Siri for our devices, is working hard on the future of smart assistant project now wearing the name of Bright. Unlike Siri, Bright would guess the intentions of users in a more advanced way than the one provided by Google Now, but it will take some […]