Apple Would Not Have Sold all WWDC 2013 Tickets in Just Two Minutes Because of Excesive Traffic


On May 25, 2013

On April 25 Apple put WWDC 2013 tickets on sale and in just 2 minutes or 71 seconds, managed to sell about 4500-5000 tickets to developers. The rapidity with which tickets were sold, but also the fact that Apple began calling developers to provide ordered tickets have raised some red flags, and the creator of […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Shown As Having A Better Camera Than That From iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S4, the latest high-end smartphone from Samsung, is shown as having superior camera to that available on iPhone 5, a new study recently made in France comparing the performance of the two devices. DxOMark is a software developed by the French company DxO Labs, the company is specialized in the analysis of image […]

iPhone 5S and Cheaper iPhone Available In Several Colors


On May 24, 2013

Rumors on the release of an iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone with housings in various colors return today to our attention, a Japanese blog with reliable information in the past saying that both devices will be available in various colors. About the color of the cheap iPhone information came from two sources, the first […]

iPhones can send notifications to Google Glass thanks to a hack


On May 23, 2013

Google Glass is a device manufactured from Google released as a prototype at the moment and the company has promised that at some point you can read the notices displayed on your iPhone. By the time that Google will have trained software, a developer made himself a whole system, and in the video above you […]

iPhone 6 Concept – What Fans Want For The Next iPhone


On May 22, 2013

Fans waiting for the new smartphone from Apple have made a clip showing a potential version of the iPhone in June. Inspired more from the Transformers comics, the concept it’s not quite possible to be made nowadays. It integrates two projectors, one for the keyboard that appears on the desktop, and the second to display […]

SemiRestore Allow Us To Re-restore Our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


On May 19, 2013

Basically if you have an iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5 an iPad 2/3/4/Mini or iPod Touch, you have iOS 5.0 – iOS 6.1.2 and have already jailbroken your terminal, then you could do a partial re-restore only on the version that you have in your terminal without using SHSH. iPhones that doesn’t have jailbreak cannot use SemiRestore, doesn’t […]

Smartphones Sales In The First Quarter: Android vs iOS


On May 17, 2013

IDC released smartphones deliveries figures from the first quarter of this year, they gave the domination to Android platform, but also the iOS leap on the second position of the stack. In the first three months of this year, Android phone manufacturers shipped 162.1 million pieces, an increase of nearly 80 percent over the same […]

iTunes 11.0.3 Was Released by Apple – See Its Features

During this evening Apple released iTunes 11.0.3, a new version of which iTunes Store¬†can be accessed and through it you can manage multimedia content. The new version brings a new MiniPlayer application for listening to favorite songs, it displays the album artwork and the running tracks progress. Apple also improves the menus in which we […]

Google I/O Raises The Bar For WWDC 2013


On May 16, 2013

Last evening Google held Google I/O, a 3:00 conference that Google has presented numerous updates to its services, and a new product. Markets reacted positively to Google news, the company’s shares for the first time exceeded $900 and the value of market capitalization passed 300 billion. Google stunned in a pleasant enough news for many […]

Facebook for iOS Updated With New Options For Pictures And Better Performance


On May 15, 2013

Yesterday Facebook updated its application for the iOS platform, the new version bringing more options image viewer software module and enhancements for Events and Places for the iPhone version. The most useful new options changes are occurring when viewing an image. In addition to these options already for comment or Like tagging, Facebook 6.1 offers […]