iPhone 6 Concept – What Fans Want For The Next iPhone

On May 22, 2013

Fans waiting for the new smartphone from Apple have made a clip showing a potential version of the iPhone in June. Inspired more from the Transformers comics, the concept it’s not quite possible to be made nowadays. It integrates two projectors, one for the keyboard that appears on the desktop, and the second to display the main screen. Unfortunately, the producers chose to use a clip of Mac OS X desktop for this presentation, suggesting that the iPhone should be able to run a remote desktop application.

Interestingly is that the smartphone from the presentation is very similar to the iPhone 5 and at first glance could be considered an iPhone 5S. It lacks many of the elements of futuristic building that we saw on other concepts like transparent screen, curved display, etc. Given that ergonomics is a very important factor for Apple, we will not see anytime soon or ever a keyboard displayed on a hard surface that doesn’t provide a feedback on display. The integrated projector is a reality today in Samsung Galaxy Beam, but requires a generous battery and the quality and brightness of the image is poor. We are pleased however for this interesting clip about a concept that will not become a reality in the near future.

The video can be seen on the upper right side of this page.