iPhones can send notifications to Google Glass thanks to a hack

On May 23, 2013

Google Glass is a device manufactured from Google released as a prototype at the moment and the company has promised that at some point you can read the notices displayed on your iPhone. By the time that Google will have trained software, a developer made himself a whole system, and in the video above you will have a look at a demonstration of its functionality. Basically Google Glass is capable of displaying on its little screen some notifications directly from your iPhone or iPad, but all of this with the help of a hack implemented in iOS.

Any notifications from applications can be displayed in Google Glass, users can switch from one to another, but cannot perform other actions on them because of the way iOS is built. This hack will be released in the near future in Cydia and can be used by all Google Glass owners of these prototypes to send notifications to iOS devices. Stay tuned about more information related to iPhone and Google Glasses.