A complex camera test – iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S, in Patagonia [VIDEO]


On October 14, 2013

Patagonia isn’t the most popular holiday destination, but it does not matter. Was chosen as the host for a complex balancing test between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, in the photo chapter. Austin Mann, a professional photographer, went on a first set of tests after a year in Iceland to check capture abilities of the […]

iPhone 5S comes with Blue Screen of Death – BSOD [VIDEO]


On October 13, 2013

A few weeks after launch, the iPhone 5S reminds us of Microsoft creations, by its prestigious Blue Screen of Death or BSOD display screen. Of all the scandals that appear on internet every year in the week following the release of an iDevice, it might be the most full of intrigue. Owners of iPhone 5S […]

iOS 7 has stability problems and iWork suite seems to be the only culprit


On October 11, 2013

The launches of new Apple phones have not always gone smoothly, users easily remembering the shorted antenna problem of the iPhone 4 or the too sensitive housing of the iPhone 5 model. The new iOS 7 seems that it lacks confidence, many users complaining about stability issues manifested by phone restarting without a reason and […]

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 – Specifications, pictures for presentation and release dates


On October 10, 2013

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Compact version will come under the spotlight shortly at a presentation event for which Apple distributed invitations to members of the press already. Meanwhile, we learn new details about the specifications and we can admire the carcasses of two tablets in detailed photos. Thus, following the press event scheduled […]

Does iPhone 5S really bend as in these pictures?


On October 9, 2013

Although it’s hard to gauge the veracity of the images below, it looks like the new iPhone 5S can bend, it looks like yet without serious repercussions. We have no evidence that the iPhone 5S in the pictures is genuine, but seems that doesn’t sit well at its material structure. About a year ago, when […]

Get rid of the most annoying problems of iOS 7 and iPhone 5S


On October 7, 2013

None of the iOS versions was perfect. At least at first. And the new iOS 7 has some weird bugs. And iPhone 5s doesn’t escape the criticism of those who put a lot of money for it. Here are the most annoying problems and how you can get rid of them: Weak battery If your […]

Apple Acquires Cue, A Personal Assistant Designed To Improve The Functionality Of Siri


On October 5, 2013

Yesterday the entire internet learned that Apple acquired Cue, an application that was intended to be a personal assistant for all those interested. Spent between 50 and 60 million dollars for the company that developed the technology behind Cue, Apple intends to implement its functionality in Siri personal assistant available in iOS 7. Cue is […]

The Find My iPhone System Can Be Tricked By Thieves Using Touch ID (Video)


On October 4, 2013

Although Apple has implemented a lot of security systems to protect its iPhone and help us find them in case of theft or delete them quickly, in the video above we can see a method by which these security measures can be overcome. Basically a thief who would steal an iPhone 5S device, enables Airplane […]

iOS 7 Is Automatically Downloaded To Users Devices Occupying Space That Cannot Be Recovered


On September 27, 2013

The OTA Update of the Apple allows us to quickly install software updates released by the company for its devices, it helped to establish a truly impressive adoption rate for iOS 7. Unfortunately this system has a downside, it automatically downloading updates released by Apple, they are automatically available in devices and occupying space without […]

Instagram Embraces iOS 7 Specific Specific Design Lines


On September 26, 2013

In the latest update of the popular app, Instagram aligns its design elements in iOS 7. Immediately after the launch of Apple’s iOS 7 of last week many application developers flocked to update their applications. Given that the Cupertino giant has adopted some design concepts completely different from those used in the past seven years, […]