Does iPhone 5S really bend as in these pictures?

On October 9, 2013


Although it’s hard to gauge the veracity of the images below, it looks like the new iPhone 5S can bend, it looks like yet without serious repercussions.

We have no evidence that the iPhone 5S in the pictures is genuine, but seems that doesn’t sit well at its material structure.

About a year ago, when the iPhone 5 was launched, a small number of some users complained about the enhanced flexibility of the model. Now, although it is difficult to prove without video, it looks like we have the first evidence of similar reports about iPhone 5s. How it happened on some other materials, recently published, there are quality control issues in several factories in China, otherwise I cannot explain why there are such phenomena with the new phone out of Cupertino.


This time the information was acquired for the first time by a French newspaper named Nowhereelse. At the other end, the origin of the phone still remains a surprise. If you are Apple fans, pray that this example from the image is evidence of bad jokes performed well in Photoshop. If you enjoy as Samsung smartphones sellings then discuss the questionable quality of Apple supervision.