A complex camera test – iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5S, in Patagonia [VIDEO]

On October 14, 2013


Patagonia isn’t the most popular holiday destination, but it does not matter. Was chosen as the host for a complex balancing test between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, in the photo chapter.

Austin Mann, a professional photographer, went on a first set of tests after a year in Iceland to check capture abilities of the newest iPhone model compared with the one from a year ago. This time with a new destination and a new iPhone at the belt, the results were even more impressive than it was about 12 months ago.

The new photo shoot iPhone 5 vs iPhone 5s took place in various areas of Patagonia. As those from Apple have much praised with their new innovations from the integrated camera in iPhone 5S, was curious what may a sensor of the same physical dimensions can make.


The results were surprising in many contexts, and innovations were evident without any right of appeal. Especially when it was breathtaking, Mann was surprised to see that for the iPhone 5S, exposure was adjusted in real time throughout the whole process of capture, hoping to surprise the details of all areas of an image. In addition to the usual photos, dynamic range is so high compared to that of the iPhone 5, that final results in post-processing performs better due to the large volume of information stored in such a framework, similar to RAW images from a DSLR.

In principle, the conclusion was one. Cameras such as the iPhone 5S is a huge upgrade compared to what we could do until recently with a camera. It is something spectacular that will leave you stunned.