Here Is The Red iPhone 5C Along With Its Price

On August 9, 2013

Initially denied by the company officials, the existence of an iPhone model for those with low budgets was confirmed with pictures and even a video presentation on the subject of plastic cover which will cover the back of the new smartphone.

Meanwhile, we learned that the mysterious iPhone plastic could be officially launched after the name of iPhone 5C, but without knowing the significance of the attached letter. The mystery has been elucidated only after the white plastic cap was joined by a variant of red, confirming rumors that Apple announced plans to launch a multicolor iPhone.

iPhone 5C (Colour) seems to be designed to respond to a younger audience, with less money to spend and interested in purchasing a smartphone that reflects their personality. But according to new rumors, only the color will delight them as the sales price firmly remains anchored in the premium mobile segment.

Thus, if the information is confirmed we will be able to purchase the new iPhone 5C in red, yellow, blue, green or white, at a price close to the amount of $490. With luck, the speculation will end in early September, when Apple will officially announce the new iPhone.