iPhone 5S and iPad Air (iOS 7) users received the first untethered Jailbreak!

On December 23, 2013

Users of iPhone 5s and iPad Air (iOS 7) received the first untethered Jailbreak!

iDevice users who have installed the latest mobile operating system from Apple, iOS 7, receive a “gift” for the holidays from the evasiOn team – an untethered jailbreak for both Windows and Mac users. You still need to keep in mind that the version of the jailbreak is incomplete at this time.

Rushing a publication with jailbreak methods brings some inherent risks that need to be keept in mind as cautions, like Jay Freeman (Saurik), who says he has not yet had time to test and see how Cydia behaves, the unofficial platform for iOS applications.

Meanwhile, as most international technology sites wrote, evasiOn 7 is not complete, and the experience provided by the first untethered jailbreak could be presented with functioning problems at least on some iDevices. What we know so far is that jailbreak is available including for Air iPad and the latest version of iPhone (5S).

How things appear to be still in the test, we recommend that you still have a little patience to install evasiOn 7, especially as the big step was made and the next version of jailbreak, tested including with Cydia, will certainly be available soon.

Those who want to venture though this jailbreak can access the following link: evasiOn 7

If you try the new jailbreak and experience problems, those from Redmondpie offer a small tutorial to restore iOS 7 and remove the jailbreak.