iPhone 6 – Possible 8MP Sensor With OIS

On January 14, 2014

iphone 6

The newest rumor about the iPhone 6 targets the photo sensor that will remain unchanged, according to sources in the production chain of Apple gadgets. Although it remains to 8MP sensor, the new iPhone 6 could surprise you with other new improvements to its camera.

Apple may be one of the companies that refuse to increase the number of megapixels just to attract more interest in the iPhone 6. With the same camera sensor used in iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 new camera could provide other important updates, including improvements to the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

Analysts had predicted a jump to 16MP camera sensor of the new iPhone 6, so rumors have affected just Largan Precision, supplier of camera modules from Apple. Shares fell after speculation begun to appear about keeping the 8MP sensor.

iPhone 6 specifications will remain unconfirmed until the launch of the new gadget, but if Apple decides to stay at 8MP would not be the first time. iPhone 5S sensor camera has kept high resolution of captured images, but made improvements related to flash and pixel size of pictures.