InkCase i6 is the most unique case for your iPhone 6

On March 18, 2015


Admit it, we all are guilty of peeking at our iPhones every few minutes, just to check if we missed some important notifications, messages, calls or mails. Not only does it waste a lot of our time but also drains the iPhone’s precious battery. Now we have an innovative solution.

Combine the most unique notification device, a low power reading device and a minimalistic case for your iPhone 6 – what you get is O-Axis‘ inkCase i6.

inkCase i6 is basically a snap-on case for the iPhone 6, which packs a 4.3″ E Ink display on its back. This display is unique that it uses zero battery to maintain its ‘on’ state, and packs a small battery for whatever little power it needs. Meaning, you’ll never need to worry about this case using up your iPhone’s juice.

inkcase i6 iPhone 6

Pair the inkCase i6 with your iPhone 6 using Bluetooth 4.0, and it turns into an intuitive information-center. You’ll never miss another notification as all your messages, news, weather and other alerts are pushed to the inkCase.

With supported apps, you will be able to read your ebooks on the zero-power always-on anti-glare display. Who needs an Amazon Kindle now?

The inkCase is also a fitness companion as it keeps track of your steps, calories, cycling stats and distance moved, and compiles it on the screen. You can even customise the inkCase 6 wallpaper to keep things dynamic.

In short, adding just 4.2 mm to your iPhone, the inkCase is a simple yet the most sophisticated iPhone case out there. Read on the best battery cases and best wallet cases for the iPhone 6.

inkCase i6 for iPhone 6 will be available this spring and you can follow it here. In the meantime, if you’ve an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S, you can get an inkCase for them on Amazon.