5 Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6

On February 10, 2015

best iphone 6 battery cases

iPhones continue to get larger, slimmer, and more powerful every year and as much as they are hardy and reliable, there are some few extra things that you might add to them to make them even more efficient. Today we are going to solely focus on the best battery cases for the iPhone 6. Our list contains cases that will not only protect your battery but also those that will extend your battery life significantly.


Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Battery Case

 Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Battery Case

The Trianium Atomic S battery case is a simple yet sleek case that effectively doubles iPhone 6’s battery life. The case also features a resilient design and a LED indicator that shows you just how much power you have left. A hard shell backplate and a comprehensive 360° bumper design protect your iPhone from daily wear and tear. Its slim design allows it to easily fit on your hands and pockets.

You can now get it from Amazon for $69.95.


i-Blason Apple iPhone 6 Battery Case


This reasonably priced i-Blason iPhone 6 case provides comprehensive iPhone protection and somehow still manages to maintain the slim design of your iPhone. A built in 3200mAH lion-thium polymer battery will provide your iPhone 6 battery with more than a full charge. This case also features a Micro-USB port for power input and lightning connector to charge your iPhone. This case is Apple MFI Certified and it will never leave you stranded running out of power.

It goes for $59.99 on Amazon.


UNU DX Protective iPhone 6 Battery Case

bettery case iphone 6

The UNU DX for iPhone 6 is a simple yet elegant battery case that will provide you with additional 125% battery life thanks to its powerful 3000mAh battery core. This case also provides uncompromised iPhone protection that resists accidental drops, bumps, and daily wear and tear. The case also features a power level indicator and more so, comes with a sync-thru tech that allows you to sync your iPhone 6 without having to remove the case.

Buy it at Amazon for $69.99.


Alpatronix BX140 iPhone 6 Battery Case


The Alpatronix BX140 is a state-of-the-art Apple certified iPhone 6 battery case that effectively provides your iPhone with 150% charge to last you a day plus. One thing we noted is that this case is so similar to the Trianium case that they may be based on the same core design. Nonetheless, this case is a little cheaper than the Trianium retailing at $61.95 at Amazon. It also comes in 3 different base color and screen protector for added screen protection.

Get it now from Amazon.


Maxboost VIVID iPhone 6 Battery Case

maxboost iphone 6 battery case 

Just like the UNU DX case above, the VIVID case provides you with 125% extra battery life equivalent to an added 14+ hours web-browsing time and 18+ talk time. A hard-shell backplate and a protective bumper design shields the iPhone 6 from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. You will also easily sync your phone with other Apple products without having to remove the case thanks to the sync-through tech.

This battery case goes for $89.99 and with it you get a Maxboost lifetime warranty.

We will be providing you with more updates on new, high-quality cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus so keep on checking with us.

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