CES 2014 – Mophie Space Pack – First iPhone 5S case with external battery and storage space (Video)


On January 8, 2014

At CES 2014, people from Mophie didn’t miss the opportunity to present a new iPhone case, Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5S is the first case with included external battery and storage space. Mophie Space Pack addresses the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S owners. It is a most special cover that has three functions: phone […]

Tumbler – The Latest Batmobile Comes As iPhone Pouch


On December 14, 2013

We might say that iDevice users are some of the luckiest in chapter accessories and the above picture is a clear argument. Batmobile is one of the most representative elements of the entire Batman universe and the Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan has received the most radical reinvention. Interestingly, the change has been embraced […]

Razer Kazuyo – A new gaming controller for iPhone


On December 11, 2013

After seeing something similar released by Logitech, those from Razer seems to work at their own controller for iPhone. As happens increasingly often lately when it comes to phones, tablets and other portable peripherals, those from @evleaks posted the first picture with the gaming controller for iPhones created by Razer. The new controller will be […]

iPhone Keyboard BlackBerry Bold type by Typo


On December 10, 2013

Because some BlackBerry users have not changed the platform due to the physical keyboard, soon we will have iPhone keyboard by Typo. Although they are no longer the most praised smartphones in the world, BlackBerry continues to assume a title of absolute leader in the category. The most efficient and comfortable physical keyboard on a […]

Kit that turns your iPhone into DSLR


On December 4, 2013

Slowly smartphones become more interesting for those who want to take beautiful pictures. Helped by the array of cameras accessories that have appeared in recent years. If you like to take pictures with the iPhone 5 or the new 5S, you have available and Fotopro Master Kit, a set of accessories for the camera. The […]

Olloclip lenses for iPhone – Amazing optics


On November 29, 2013

Olloclip announces a new set of camera lenses that adapt to the smartphone. Olloclip 4-In-One has four different camera lenses, “fisheye”, “wide” and two macro types. Like other photo accessories these small lenses adapts right on the smartphone camera. For now it is only developed for the iPhone and costs about $70. More companies are […]

Moga Ace Power is the first official iPhone Gaming Controller


On November 22, 2013

Although it has been rumored for a long time, Moga Ace Power only now has been officially announced and is due to arrive in stores. It is the first official gaming controller for iPhone and the first device that takes advantage of the APIs introduced by Apple in iOS 7, dedicated to this new class […]

Wireless Charging for iPhone 5S and iPad Air by IQI


On November 11, 2013

Increasingly more Android smartphones come with wireless charging, which is why a gadget named IQI brings this technology on iPhone 5S. Clearly, it was created a trend around wireless charging for mobile phones. Manufacturers like Samsung and Nokia have launched lines meant to bring this functionality to the latest smartphones. Because Apple has avoided this […]

Apple seeks practical ways to solar charge iPhones and laptops


On November 2, 2013

According to clues found in a patent application, Apple investigates new ways to enable the practical use of solar panels to power mobile devices. Encountered in not very successful implementations, provided by lesser known companies, solar chargers for mobile devices are considered rather fancy gadgets that have no real practical use for ordinary users. This […]

Logitech prepares us a serious tool for gaming on the iPhone


On October 3, 2013

Not officially confirmed, in the picture below we see for the first time a special thought Logitech gamepad for gaming on the iPhone. It was rumored for a long time that Logitech wants to get into the iDevices gaming peripherals. The folks at @evleaks are first posted online an image of a hybrid between a […]