iPhone Keyboard BlackBerry Bold type by Typo

On December 10, 2013


Because some BlackBerry users have not changed the platform due to the physical keyboard, soon we will have iPhone keyboard by Typo.

Although they are no longer the most praised smartphones in the world, BlackBerry continues to assume a title of absolute leader in the category. The most efficient and comfortable physical keyboard on a cell phone can be found integrated into a creation of the Canadian manufacturer of the same name. For this reason, someone is working hard on gadget for iPhone 5 and 5S to replicate the same experience.

If you look closely, it’s the BlackBerry Bold keypad integrated into a housing that comes a little over an inch in the iPhone’s length. Its presence is designed to recreate the experience of using a Q10 on an iOS device.

The new iPhone keyboard called Typo interacts with your phone via Bluetooth 3.0. Covers the Home button, but it has a dedicated button to replace its functionality. In addition, it comes with a 180 mAh internal battery that allows it to be lit at night for IM sessions.

Currently, Typo keyboard is in the last stages of development. Remains at CES in January to find out the latest details about the new iPhone keyboard, and with any luck, by the end of the month we can purchase one at $100. Ryan Seacrest is one of the founders of the project, but it is hard to say whether he has a creative role behind the product.