Aliens Versus Humans Review – With ‘the Onslaught’ update this is awesome

On October 4, 2012

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Aliens Versus Humans Review – With ‘the Onslaught’ update this is awesome

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By: LeisureRules Inc.

Version #: 2.0

Date Released: 2012-10-04

Developer: LeisureRules Inc.

Price: 2.99

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As soon as I read the App Store description of the original Aliens versus Humans, I realised I had to buy it. I just did likewise, and spent something like 30 hours the next 4 days beating its levels. Addictive.

Aliens versus Humans: the Onslaught is its updated, revamped and enhanced version. The original version featured many levels, spanning the first few months of an alien invasion on Earth. Your task? Managing your soldiers, wiping aliens while collecting material for research in an increasingly harder set of fixed levels.Turn based, old-school, inspired by the (almost) legendary X-COM,

Aliens versus Humans is an amazing iPad and iPhone tactical game, and since the addition of The Onslaught, a great real time strategy game. It almost feels like playing one of my favourite turn-based alien war games, the widely unknown Fallen Haven.

In The Onslaught you are placed just after the initial alien attack. Aliens now come in several different kinds and swiftly use teleporters to move around the world. You manage an array of bases in real time, from where your troops get deployed. You are required to manage all minutiae of the bases: purchasing equipment, managing research, getting new gear from the aliens. Yes, you get the high-tech weaponry from their cold alien hands and use against them in the next battle field.

I just love this game. The fact that your soldiers get more experienced as they kill aliens and advance through missions adds an additional engagement factor: you’ll do anything to protect your high quality soldiers… And put them behind the newly hired cannon fodder.

In short: if you enjoy turn based strategy, look no further than Aliens versus Humans. It’s the best there is in the App Store.

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Would I Buy Again:Yeah

Learning Curve:High, but rewarding

Who Is It For:Strategy hardcore fans

What I Like:It's a very well-polished game that you just can't drop

What I Don't Like:Grenade misfires! You'll know what I mean when you play

Final Statement:Go buy it

Read the Developer's Notes:
Huge update! 2.0: The Onslaught is now available - you definitely want to download this one! You'll get TWO games in one. The original Aliens versus Humans content has moved under Training Missions and the new world management is under the Onslaught. This update represents over 7 months of development so please help us out by rating/reviewing the new version (even if you've rated a previous version) and by telling all your friends!

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