5 best high capacity power banks for iPhone/iPad

On November 6, 2014


If you re going to be out of home or office for a few days or your tablet/smartphone won’t keep power for a whole day then you need a power bank. A power bank allows you to top up your battery power whenever and wherever you are, keeping you connected with the rest of the world. With this in mind we have summed up some of the best high capacity power banks that you can get in the market today.


LUXA2 P-MEGA  – 41600mAh


The LUXA2 P-MEGA is the world’s largest and one of the best power banks out there. This lithium polymer power bank features 41600mAh power capacity and can charge your device for 48 hours non-stop. This power bank comes in a compact design featuring a 10x10x10cm cubic shape. This is a real compact design considering the huge capacity that it carries. The LUXA2 also comes with 6 USB outlets. It is also certified for overall reliability, receiving certification from ROHS, CE, and FCC.

This devices costs $162.00.


Qi-Infinity Powergrid – 34200mAh


The Qi-Infinity Powergrid is a high-capacity power bank charger for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, and laptops. The power bank has a monster capacity of 34200mAh, 2 USB ports, and 1 DC output for Laptop/Surface Pro. The Qi-Infinity has the ability to provide 30 full charges to iPod, 14 full charges to smartphones, or 1 full charge to laptops. The power bank also features a solid build, minimalist design, slim and stylish aluminum body that ensures great heat dissipation. The LCD display provides info on the voltage settings and battery capacity. To protect your device, the power bank will automatically shut down when there is an overload. You will be given a 12 months warranty on your purchase.

It retails at $149.99.


EC Technology Power Bank – 22400mAh


The EC Technology power bank is a high-quality, high-capacity external battery with dual-ports, LED flashlight, and broad compatibility as it will charge Nexus, HTC One, Galaxy S4, S5, S3, Note 3 & 4, iPhones, iPads and a whole other range of tablets and phones. This external charger comes with 22400mAh charging capacity. The charger also uses a rapid input charging system which is twice as fast as normal charging.

This power bank costs only $39.99.


Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 – 20000mAh

The Anker 2nd Gen Astro Pro2 is a high-quality power bank that delivers fast charging speeds going up to of 4.5 amps through all 4 ports. This device also comes with an incredible charging capacity as it can charge your Galaxy S5 almost 6x, your iPhone 5s 10x, your iPad Air almost 2x and other smartphones and tablets multiple times. You can recharge this battery in just 4-5 hours.

This power bank comes with an 18-month warranty and costs only $79.99.


EasyAcc Power Bank – 20000mAh

The EasyAcc is a huge capacity power bank that carries up to 20000mAh and so it is able to charge your iPad Mini 2x, your iPhone 10x, and other devices multiple times. You are able to see the exact amount of remaining power using the precise LCD digital display. Thanks to the dual USB output you will be able to charge 2 devices at a go. Measuring only 7.28 x 3.07 x 0.98 inches this device will easily fit in your travelling bag and you can take it everywhere you go.

It retails at $49.99.

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  • Well,that’s a great list but I don’t require that much capacity for my gadgets so I stick with the Kinkoo Infinite One 10500mAh capacity for charging my gadgets.

  • meghaf04


    Power Bank is an extended and advanced version of a traditional
    wired charger that now becomes wireless and powerless. It is a portable charger
    that allows the charging of devices anytime and anywhere. This power-bank is so
    compact that you can carry even in your pocket along with the cell phone that
    means you can charge your phone in your pocket also. Sometimes, we become very helpless when our mobile battery gets exhausted and we roam here and there in search of a charger and power supply even though charger is easy to found while it is not possible to have electricity supply at all places such as in
    travelling, garden, picnic, terrace etc but this portable charger makes it easy
    to carry anywhere and everywhere.

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  • David William

    High capacity power banks are just not for everyone
    out there. They indeed are great tools and they deliver, but are you really
    willing to carry this block around to charge your devices on the go? Well, I
    doubt it! Also note that none of these tough looking power banks are cheap, are

    • Gild

      $39.99 is pretty inexpensive (EC Technology Power Bank – 22400mAh)

  • soni namdev

    Power Bank has one input USB port and two outputs USB port that enables charging of two digital devices at a time. Power bank is required to get charge at one time and then we can supply charging to device for two to three times as it also depends on the phone usage. It has features of over- discharge and over current that is sufficiently intelligent to recognize the current status of the device and as it get charged it will automatically cut off the supply. It also has LED indicator to indicate you about the actual status of charging and discharging.

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  • Chris Mackenzy

    Seems like this is what I was looking for. Its my next purchase from amazon.

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  • Vanshika Raddy

    Power banks
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  • Allaxa Pantagone

    capacity of the power bank is measured in the mAh (milliampere) that make it
    distinguish from other on the technical terms. Different power banks are
    featured with different new additional features as some have LED indicators,
    some have dual USB output, some are featured with solar charging energy.


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  • Babu

    Smart phones are rapidly growing smart but, unfortunately not smart enough by their battery life. Latest gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, Bluetooth devices, etc., start running out of battery after some time of usage. Every now and then, they need to be charged at a power outlet which may not be practically feasible. Eventually, a need for a system that supports charging and long life of a battery has arised. Power Bank is a perfect gadget that fits into this requirement. It is both powerful and portable.

  • David Zanderson

    I owned a lot of portable chargers and most after 3 months start to not holding up as much power compared to when I first bought them. Maybe these other brands might be better I will have to give them a try. However, ill suggest the Powergo ss 5000 from tech get go. Its not put on the list here. I have owned this product for about 5 months now and I must say its my new must have portable charger. Its recharges so much more faster then the previous power banks I owned. It recharges itself so quick that I can feel its like 15 times faster charge speeds then any other portable chargers I have owned including my new Qualcomm Q.C. 3.0 portable charger I also bought from amazon to give it a try. the power bank pretty much finished charging itself in like under 15 minutes. When I use it to recharge my iPhone it recharges not as fast but I can tell it charges much faster then my wall charger. I would have to recommend the powergo ss 5000 to anyone who wants a really quick charging power bank. surprisingly