Cut the Buttons review – Frantic, scissor-happy fun

On December 31, 2011

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Cut the Buttons review – Frantic, scissor-happy fun

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Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-12-15

Developer: OpenName Cut The Buttons

Price: 0.99

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Cut the Buttons is a game that sounds simple at first, then shocks you with its demanding gameplay, but then absorbs you once you settle into it. The premise is simple. You are a pair of scissors, and must cut buttons off of flying bits of material as quickly as possible. Catch the buttons in the bucket, and you get bonus points!

At first, you may find yourself baffled by the gameplay, as it’s a bit of a multitask. You have to move around the scissor, ‘pinch’ them to snip and then, on top of that, position the bucket in the right place to catch as many buttons as possible. Once you find a technique for this process that suits you though, you’ll begin to find this frantic snip-fest a hell of a lot of fun. As the game goes on, you’ll rack up combos and have to avoid buttons with metal bolts on them. While it’s hardly deep and meaningful gameplay, it’s surprisingly catchy.

There are two game modes in Cut the Buttons. Arcade mode gives you a set amount of time in which to amass as many points as possible. In Classic Mode, you effectively have 3 lives, which you lose if you fail to completely clear a passing bit of material of its buttons. By catching buttons in the jar, you can regain your lost lives, and watch your high-score grow. The game is linked to Game Center, allowing you to compare your scores with your scissor-happy mates.

Cut the Buttons is a tough game to play beneath a colourful facade. Once you get to grips with it though, it’s a sharp package of simple, frantic fun.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Medium

Who Is It For:Blade maniacs, or those looking for a quick fix of frantic gameplay

What I Like:Fast, colourful gameplay

What I Don't Like:Sometimes feels like there's too much to think about at once

Final Statement:A fast and frantic snip-fest

Read the Developer's Notes:
What comes into your mind when you think of a “perfect combination?”
The wind and a sail. The night sky and the stars. The iPhone and the one and only Cut the Buttons game.

The powerful iPhone with its bright and sensitive multi-touch display is a perfect fit for this revolutionary new game! Why? Try it for yourself and you’ll gain a new appreciation for what a real multi-touch game is supposed to be. Swift, reliable, efficient and captivating: Cut the Buttons is all this and more.

Let your brain have a rest and enjoy the show. Attention and the ability to react in a timely manner is all you need. The game lacks a lengthy intro and background story, but is that really of any importance in the long run? It’s simple. Launch Cut the Buttons and spend a few minutes cutting buttons. However, keep in mind that the game is sinister in its design. Even at the early stages of its development, the game displayed a unique ability of speeding up time for the player. You might think you’ve only been playing for a mere five minutes when in actuality, you’ve been at it for an hour. You might want to keep a close eye on the time just to be on the safe side.

Pick up the scissors with two fingers. Be careful. Don’t cut yourself. Cut off the game launch button by moving the scissor blades just like you would with real scissors. If you happen to be a left-handed player, you can configure the direction scraps fly in from the settings menu.

The scissors are highly manoeuvrable. You can use them to control the trajectory at which the buttons fall. Throw them down, pull them towards you or fling them up. Use a variety of possible manipulations to get the cut off buttons into the cup. Upon catching 100 buttons in the cup, you can either receive additional points or recover a previously lost button.

ATTENTION! Don’t cut buttons held down by bolts. Only cut buttons tied down with thread.
ATTENTION! The scissors are generally more obedient with a lack of fingernails to interfere with the touchscreen gestures.
ATTENTION! Don’t press on the display. Your hand can become tired because of excessive pressure. The fingers have to slide on the display.

The game lasts until you miss three scraps with buttons left on them. Aim to catch as many cut buttons in the cup for a reward of extra points or the ability to retrieve a lost button.
Cut off as many buttons as you can in the allotted time and do your best to drop them in the cup.

? You can hit the buttons in the main menu with a finger.
? Aim to cut off more than three buttons in a single cutting movement to maximize the amount of points you gain.
? Reduce the quantity of hand movements. Try to cut more that one button in a single cutting movement.

So what do we have to sum up Cut the Buttons?
? Unique gameplay concept.
? Unique interface.
? Unique graphics.
? Unique sound effects.
? Retina display support.

Cut, cut, cut.

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