Derby Manager – Review – Raise a virtual racehorse

On July 10, 2012

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Derby Manager – Review – Raise a virtual racehorse

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By: Dream Brother

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-06-27

Developer: Dream Brother

Price: free

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There are apps from which one can raise a virtual pet and there are apps which allow you to race horses against each other. Derby Manager is a nice combination of both.

You start with a points budget. From there, you purchase the horse and supplies. As time progresses, you can run races against other horses (as well as other users with the social media aspect of the game). Points can be obtained by winning races. For those on a losing streak, points can also be gotten by purchase with real-world money. Obviously, the “winning races” method would likely be preferred.

The graphics are cute, cartoony and not particularly advanced, but they don’t have to be for what the app does. Instructions on how to proceed are given clearly on the screen by a cartoon avatar at each step when you start out.  There is also an options screen for turning off various sounds within the app. Sections of the game include racing,  cultivation (raising of the horse), creative play and the social media aspect.

The game also allows for gambling with points. This aspect somehow got past the App Store censors.

Derby Manager is a very clever concept and an original mix of ideas that I’ve seen before, but never merged like this. This is like Tamagotchi for gamblers.  It could also be interpreted as a beginner’s lesson for raising and running racehorses. If you find any of these concepts interesting, snap it up free for the iPhone (or pay $5 for the iPad version).

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:There's a good chance, particularly the free iPhone version.

Learning Curve:Low to medium.

Who Is It For:Kids that are children of racehorse enthusiasts.

What I Like:Good concept and execution.

What I Don't Like:Can be confusing at times with regards to purchasing.

Final Statement:Derby Manager is almost as good as owning an actual racehorse.

Read the Developer's Notes:

Dear user:

We will reward 100 Gems (worth $10) to users who had purchased our app at $4.99 from AppSotre . Please reach us in the following ways:
Email: [email protected]
Required Information:
1. Scanned copy or electronic version of your purchasing bill in iTunes;
2. Your Hohool ID in the game;
3. Your user name in the game;
4. Your frequent contact information.

We will send Gems to your Derby Manager account within 3 days after confirmation of your information. Thanks again for your attention.

Derby Manager recommended in "New and Noteworthy" on the US App Store
10th to 16th, July, Derby Manager Free giveaway campaign with lucky draw for NEW PAD, multiple big surprise for you.
Surprise One:
A lucky winner who meets the requirements will be selected randomly by our system every day (Please check specific qualification for joining our campaign from Winner of every day will be rewarded a NEW IPAD or 5000 Gems (virtual currency in Derby Manager) as prize!
Surprise Two:
One player who races most with longest accumulated online time from 10th to 16th, July will be rewarded a NEW IPAD as gift.
Surprise three:
We will randomly select 3 players from those who have ever bet Gems on a race every day! Each player will be rewarded with 200 Gems (virtual currency in Derby Manager)!
Lucky Draw Time: We will select lucky winner of the day before at ET 0:00 am each day.
Attentions: As we need to contact winner player by email, all participants of our campaign are required to register Hohool ID, and do not enter the game with quick start.
For more information about the campaign:


Once upon a time, the ancient kingdom of heaven called Greefindo was disrupted by a legend of Pegasus. It was divided into four ancient states with different environments. Times have passed and the horse racing has become a popular sport. The sponsors gradually became a powerful organization called Horse Race Association across the continent. Everything seems to be going right…

Game Features:

Gamble - A unique gambling channel arranges Engagement races allowing bets. Every player can place a bet before the race starts. Horse race lottery and payouts are designed according to the rules of real horse racing. Race replays also provide you an exciting gambling experience.

Race - In all, 20 horse race tracks include Jungle, Rock, Desert and Sky with multiplayer engagement races available both online and offline. Racing items can be used in real-time races. A random horse race process is balanced against a fair horse race result.

Cultivation - Horse attributes are related to Blood, Class, Level, Age, and Mood. Scores of items and equipment are provided for strengthening attributes and growth of the horse. A horse avatar system, Hall of Fame, and varieties of cultivation such as feeding, cleaning, and training are available.

Gameplay - Stable Parking (squatting); Bounty Board races; and Neighborhood races based on LBS. Player can put enemy's horse into a wanted list in Bounty Board for revenge. Horse race exploits and winning-point rankings are provided for League systems in follow-up versions. The horse can be raised and trained even when offline.

Sociability - the players’ relationships are based on massive user groups in the Hohool social networkwith a horse ranch message board and dynamic state. Interactive Stable Parking play (squatting), a friend system, a chat system, and mail system are provided for interacting with your friends at any moment.



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