Drawing Master Review – Are you the next Da Vinci?

On April 9, 2012

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Drawing Master Review – Are you the next Da Vinci?

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By: MEET Studio CO.,LTD.

Version #: 4.1

Date Released: 2012-01-20

Developer: MEET Studio CO.,LTD.

Price: Free

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Have you ever wondered if your child was the next Van Gogh? Or maybe you just want to unleash the hidden artist within the kid? Well, though no expert art teacher, Drawing Master teaches the basics of doodling with a plethora of templates to choose from.

The app is very simple to use. Not much explanation is needed on what to do and how to go about doing it. A blackboard is presented in the middle of the screen and users simply select a sketch of their choice from the many pinned up around the board. Each pinned up piece of paper symbolizes a category, and users can toggle between the drawings in each category by tapping on the papers. They can then open up a small window showing the sketch in greater detail. Users then have to try and emulate the sketch on the blackboard, drawing as accurately to the original as they possibly can.

A nice added feature involves the option to select different colored chalks to draw your sketch. Users can opt for the conventional white to pink, green, orange and blue. To make things easier, Drawing Master also comes with a zoom function, to enlarge the blackboard so as to make the entire drawing process much easier. The erase function comes with two options. Users can choose whether they want to clear the entire screen, or use it like a regular rubber to rub bits of their sketch away. I personally would have liked it better if they app allowed for the deletion of lines as well, because rubbing at the sketch with your fingers can cause your drawing to look rather unsightly.

As previously mentioned, the app comes with a huge array of drawing options. However, even more sketches can be made available with an in-app purchase. You are also given the option to share your finished sketch on Facebook or Twitter. You can also choose to have it saved to your camera roll.

Drawing Master is definitely worth the download. Although targeted at young children, older kids will have an enjoyable time with the sketches too. I strongly recommend Drawing Master to parents, or people with younger siblings alike.

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Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Very Easy

Who Is It For:Everyone who likes to draw

What I Like:The simplicity of the app

What I Don't Like:The accuracy of tracing fingers

Final Statement:Unleash your inner artist now.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Happy New Year,everyone. More app release and updated information on twitter:@eseedo or facebook:Meetfuture David.
Imagine master drawing in just few days? Now we have Drawing Master here. Select your favorite color, and learn to draw with the help of our tutorial. Just follow the shapes and lines. No matter how old you are, you'll enjoy learning this.

click or drag the stickers into the blackboard.
choose any color of chalks you like.
use the blackboard eraser to clean the board.
zoom in or out using the lens.
you can turn off the light on the blackboard.

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