Meeting Gold Review – Hold and track meetings with remarkable ease

On March 20, 2012

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Meeting Gold Review – Hold and track meetings with remarkable ease

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By: Burgar Software Ltd

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-02-22

Developer: Burgar Software Ltd

Price: 9.99

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Meeting Gold is a productivity app that aims to make holding meetings and participating in them more efficient and constructive. It boasts a host of features that transform the iPad into a powerful meeting documentation tool.

At first launch of Meeting Gold, you’ll be asked to provide your first and last names as well as your email address. Don’t worry, these bits of personal information will be used only for the critical and collaborative features of Meeting Gold and won’t find their way outside of the app unless you yourself send them by email or by any other means.

To add a document in the app, simply tap the plus button on the top right corner of the screen. You can add a meeting document, a phone call document, or an online meeting document. Except for a few small differences, the fields in these document types are pretty much the same. Start and end dates, purpose, location, category, project, tags and attendees are among the important details to be filled out in each document. Judging by the inclusion of these fields alone, you’ll see how organized your meeting activities can be with Meeting Gold.

Outside of the document view itself, the app is better used in landscape mode, in which the views pane is readily seen along with the main pane, as opposed to the views pane being hidden when in portrait mode. The views section presents you with a sort of collection of filters you can tap to view all documents that correspond to the chosen filter. For example, you can choose “All Meetings” to view documents about, well, all meetings, or you can choose “All Meetings Attended By…” to view documents about all meetings attended by a certain attendee. There are a lot more types of views to choose from to help you conveniently look for the right document.

Meeting Gold also lets you create new documents by reusing items from previous ones. This feature is especially useful if you tend to hold meetings about agendas with only slight variations. You can also add pictures and notes to enrich your data recording and reflect the level of participation during each meeting. Plus, you can email any of your documents to all parties concerned. The great thing about this feature is that the app itself attaches a .docx file of the document, including an automatically generated summary of the meeting minutes.

Meeting Gold is also equipped with collaborative features, enabling you and the rest of your team to work on documents with minimal disruption. Really, Meeting Gold is an effective tool not only for holding meetings but also in ensuring that these meetings ultimately amount to something significant in the long run. Meeting Gold looks set to be the gold standard in workplace-centered productivity apps.

Quick Take

Value:Very high.

Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Company members who hold meetings regularly.

What I Like:The ease of use of the interface. The numerous view filters. The automatic attachment and summary generation.

What I Don't Like:The design could use some improvements to make it more appealing.

Final Statement:Meeting Gold provides a wealth for features to make your meeting activities more worthwhile.

Read the Developer's Notes:
MeetingGold: makes meeting preparation, participation and follow-up painless and productive.

If you are a manager, team leader, project manager or simply attend meetings and want to: become more effective before, during and after meetings; take notes easily; run more efficient and effective meetings; have an excellent system for following up actions so nothing ever gets missed; be able to stay on top of actions promised by colleagues and subordinates; then MeetingGold is the app for you.

***** "We think Meeting Gold is one of the most cost effective, highly productive business apps we’ve seen in a long time." says

***** "We're not easily surprised, but Meeting Gold opened our eyes." and "If you find yourself wishing your meetings had more structure, this is a no-brainer." says

***** “Meeting Gold is one of the most brilliant productivity iPad apps available in the App Store today.” says

MeetingGold helps you with all aspects of your meeting: preparation, participation and follow-up:

- quickly and easily assemble agenda items from previous meetings,
- add new agenda items,
- carry forward previous actions and meeting notes
- spend time preparing for the meeting rather than messing about searching previous, disparate notes for relevant items.

- take notes,
- add pictures,
- list attendees,
- note actions,
- note questions,
- update carried forward actions,
- summarize agenda items.

MeetingGold makes taking minutes and meeting notes fast and easy. It allows you to participate in the meeting more effectively knowing that you won't have to rewrite notes afterwards or transcribe action points to your time-management system. Meeting Notes Editor contains paragraph formatting and style sheets so you can layout your notes for greater impact. It has different views to help you quickly: summarize actions at the end of the meeting, collate questions to ask and to view summaries with each agenda item.

- email meeting notes as a MS Word (.docx) attachment and MeetingGold attachment,
- meeting notes include automatically generated meeting summary,
- collaboration features allow sharing with other MeetingGold users via email,
- track actions,
- merge actions, action updates, agenda items and notes into new meetings.

Colleagues who also have MeetingGold can import the meeting notes from email, update actions and notes on their iPad and email the updates back to you. Those updates are automatically included in your workflow so that you don't waste time keeping notes up to date or cutting and pasting from email.

Optimized tracking actions for subordinates so that you are always 100% on the ball. No more manual searching through multiple project documents or a paper notebook to find missing actions. MeetingGold collates, filters and presents the relevant information to you when you need it.

Powerful task filtering functionality allows you to focus on getting things done rather than spending time sorting through pages of tasks and to-do lists.

Collaboration features that save time for you and your team: MeetingGold is a great stand-alone app but once you have members of a team using it you can save a significant amount of time. Automatic contact sharing ensures that contact details are shared around the team efficiently. Version tracking of individual document parts gives you full history for each meeting, agenda item, action and question and allows you to ensure you always have the latest information available.

Meetings, actions, agenda items, and questions can be assigned to categories and projects, and be given tags so that they can be sorted and filtered easily. They can be grouped and added to new meeting documents, making preparing for new meetings fast and efficient.

MeetingGold makes meetings painless and productive. Videos and reviews at

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