Running Sheep HD Review – Lemmings meet sheep, 3D… and aliens

On February 24, 2012

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Running Sheep HD Review – Lemmings meet sheep, 3D… and aliens

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By: Aleksandr Datsko

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-09-08

Developer: Ladia Group

Price: 1.99

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What happens when a race of aliens abducts and brain-washes a group of sheeps? According to the developers of Running Sheep, it’s like Lemmings meet a 3D bluish world.

In Running Sheep, you have to keep your sheep from dying, and lead them to an escape. Sheep run straight until they find a wall, then turn, following the most simple path. /Unless you have planted a turn sign/. Putting turn signs allows you to guide your sheep among the aliens’ starship, dodging falls, traps and opening the escape to the next level.

You have a limited number of turn signs, and this adds to the difficulty of the puzzles. The graphics are clear and neat, and the cut-scenes will make you laugh. A neat music (which you can turn off, but is quite good for the game) goes along.

All in all, a very fun puzzle game, suitable for almost all ages: after all, you’ll see a lot of sheep die in this game!

Read the Developer's Notes:
On a pitch-black night, the skies over a farm split apart. A beam of shimmering light hit the ground and started pulling up the sheep inhabitants of the farm. The poor sheep woke up to find themselves hovering inside transparent tubes in a strange room. It’s not clear what happened after that, but the lights went off and the sheep managed to escape from their prison. And that is when the dangerous adventures of these earthly creatures begin on an extraterrestrial spaceship speeding through the interstellar darkness. How can you help the sheep?

Do you want to hear the truth? Aren’t you afraid to get disappointed in these cute little balls of white fur? If you keep reading it, don’t complain – I warned you! So the big news is that these sheep are silly! Actually, they are very, very silly – they have lost the very little of what could be called their mind before the abduction. Now all they can do is to run, probably due to shock and a sudden change of familiar settings. Even their instinct of self-preservation is gone, so they can easily fall of a platform or jump into the tentacles of an alien monster who couldn’t wish for more than that. Simply put, these creatures are real troublemakers. Perhaps, the aliens abducted them to study stupidity in its purest form. But why did they choose sheep with their vulnerable and delicate psyche? Anyway, earthlings never leave anyone in trouble. We won’t let aliens steal our dumb sheep! Let’s do our best to save them! To do that, we’ll need to arrange arrows on platforms to point the sheep in the direction of teleports. It’s strange that the aliens did not turn them off - this very fact questions their own intellectual capabilities. Freedom to the sheep of the Earth!

- 61 dynamic levels.
- Levels with different completion modes.
- 3 vicious bosses.
- Diverse obstacles.
- Many hours of gameplay.

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