3 Magic Shots Review – Best deals in the AppStore

On February 18, 2013

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3 Magic Shots Review – Best deals in the AppStore

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By: Harsh Rajat

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2012-12-29

Developer: 3 Magic Shots Support

Price: Free

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With hundreds of apps added to the AppStore everyday, admit it, you can’t keep up with all of ’em. Many websites like our own and also numerous apps are here to help you find the best apps and deals, so that you don’t have to break a sweat.

3 Magic Shots is one of the better designed apps in this category and makes more sense than any of them. Alot of similar apps just deal with apps that are free for the day and fail to understand that people are interested in paid stuff too. Tap on the red icon and the app brings you three apps, which are your best shots for the day. They include an app gone free, a paid and a free app.
Tap on an app and it brings you all the information you’d ever need. A YouTube link to the app trailer, 3MS rating out of 10, trending stats (both worldwide and country based), a review timeline with opinions from popular websites and an option to tweet or post to FB. Also, there is a short review, some screenshots and of course, its link to the AppStore. Well, what more could you ask for?

The simple elegant interface is one of the highlights of this app. Each app is represented in a dynamic circle with its rating marked along the circumference. Tap on the date at right top to see the 3ms choices for the past seven days. It’s a good idea to keep things minimal with only three apps a day, but still, I would love to see a separate mini list with more apps, so that I can go through them if I feel so. For free, this feature filled app is surely worth a shot, especially if you are into exploring and discovering great apps. Yeah, perfect for me!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:With pleasure

Learning Curve:NA

Who Is It For:Those who like to save some money on Apps

What I Like:The interface is awesome

What I Don't Like:None, I guess

Final Statement:Go, save some bucks!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Enjoy the best deals in town Daily, Grab 3 Magic Shots now to discover and download games and apps you crave for Free!!!

Re-Discover the App Store and save over $50 every month while doing so...

3MS gets you 3 Shots daily. Premium Apps that have been exclusively made free for a limited time, Paid Apps that are hidden gold in the app store and are a definite check out and Free Apps that carry a lot of fun with no cost attached to them.

? Features ?
1. App Trends: 3MS is location aware and can display trends of the apps, discover where the app is on fire and where does your location trend stand.
2. Stats Recommendations: 3MS keeps tracks of who all are viewing the app and showing interest in them and who all are following it to the App Store. Be wise, choose the apps that have popular following.
3. Coverage Timeline: 3MS also keeps tracks of the major coverage / feedback the app gets from outside sources. See the timeline of the coverage of the apps and what is being said about them.
4. Teaser / Trailers: View the app in action with 3MS videos trailers / teasers.
5. Do you need any more excuses to download the free app that adds more value than most??

Check out App Trends, Review Timeline, Teasers / Trailers and Stats based recommendations and be amazed at what the App Store has in store for you.

Get Quality Premium Apps for Free Daily which you can keep with you forever. We get you exclusive shots on the Apps and Games which you Crave.

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