3D Me – Review and Giveaway

On April 3, 2009

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3D Me – Review and Giveaway

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Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2009-03-09

Developer: 3D Me

Price: 1.99

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I posted on this app yesterday and the fact that Apple is refusing to allow its developers to upload images in a manner that reflects the application  and its functionality, thereby limiting the developers ability to attract customers. At the time I was reporting simply on the issue but I thought it might be worth while to actually try the application myself. I did, and it’s kind of cool.

Using the app is exceptionally straightforward. After Starting the app you tap on the camera icon. You then move the iPhone ever so slightly and take a second shot. The app then lays one image over the other and creates a single image from it that offers two slightly different perspectives, thereby creating the illusion of 3-D.

It’s a quick process, it’s an easy process, and it actually does create an image that has a really interesting effect.

In addition, the application lets you fine-tune the image after it’s been created by switching the degree to which one image is laid over the other. You can move the image time and again until you get just enough movement to create the best optical illusion.

From there, you can save your picture, post it to My Space (Not Facebook????), e-mail it (the images first uploaded to a private drop folder) or save it as a two-dimensional picture.

Finally, instructions for the application suggest to other ways to have fun with it. The first is to significantly move the camera between the two pictures thereby creating a truly funky picture. The second is to have the two shots show every object in the picture in exactly the same position except one — the result is that specific area of the picture changing while everything else stays the same. It’s easier to show it and explain it —
In all, it’s actually an interesting, fun photography  app that does exactly what’s promised.

Quick Take

Value: Medium. At $2 it is high if you use it a lot, less so if you don’t
Would I Buy Again: Probably
Learning Curve: Low- it is super well-designed.
Who Is It For: People who like paying with their iPhone images to do neat unusual things
What I Like: Works well and creates a unique effect
What I Don’t: My Space?? and not Facebook??

Final Statement: I’ve had a lot of fun playing with this app… and so can you…


The good folks at Rooftop Collective have given us some codes to give away. For a chance to win one just let us know why you want it in the comments.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Create and share 3D-effect pictures with 3D Me. Just a few clicks with a steady hand and you'll begin to create an album of 3D pics. View pics on your iPhone or share them with friends. No 3D glasses needed!A 3D Me pic--unlike an ordinary photograph--creates the illusion of realistic depth. 3D Me pics look inhabitable, as though the viewer could walk into the image and touch the objects inside.Taking 3D PicsTo create a 3D pic, you take two very similar pictures of the same subject, moving the camera a small bit in between. The process takes about 20 seconds.Sharing 3D Me PicsTo share 3D Me pics, you upload them to a private drop folder at https://drop.io and then email links to your friends. 3D Me speeds you through the process. Your friends don't need 3D Me to view your pics.More About 3D MeTo learn about more about 3D Me, see a demo, and check out some 3D pics, check us out online at https://www.3dmeapp.com !

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