ABContacts – Review

On September 22, 2008

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ABContacts – Review

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By: Andrea Vettori

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-09-15


Price: 1.99

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Short Version of the Review- ABContacts has replaces the native "Contacts" app that ships on every iPhone and iPod Touch.

ABContacts (ABC for the rest of this review) uses the same information as the native app so it can reaplce it without any loss of data or functionality. The functionality GAINED however is well worth the cost of the app.

ABC shares all of the features found in the Lite version but adds additional functionality.

Thanks to ACB I can add new contacts faster and easier than before. Thanks to ABC’s filtering options I can quickly isolate apps according to company, city, state, country etc… Thanks to ABC I can quickly and easily email contact information to others. In other words, ABC actually lets me USE the contacts information for more than simply pulling up lists of contacts.

For me the best feature of ABC, and the one that makes it worthwhile even without the additional features, is the ability to double tap a contact and pull up all the contact info. Another tap and the call is started or the email prepped.  It is a quick, easy way to go from contact to call. 

Quick Take

Value: High
Would I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for:  Anyone with numerous contacts
What I like:  Adds functionality to the anemic Contacts app, makes pulling up information much faster
What I Don’t: Takes a second or two longer to load than the native Contacts app. Sometimes the double-tap on the contact opens the contact instead of pulling up all the information at once 

Final Statement:  I’m glad I bought it. It stays until something even better comes along. Worth the $2!!

Read the Developer's Notes:
ABContacts was developed after our five stars ABGroups app (now ABContacts Lite). The app works with the same archive of the built-in Contacts app so everithing you do in ABContacts will be visible in Contacts and Phone app and converseley. The advanced features will be very useful to those are using the iPhone for business or to those that have many contacts.
FEATURES UNIQUE TO ABCONTACTS :- Add new contact in one fast screen;- Contact filtering to show a reduced set of contacts.- Can filter by company, city, state, country and part of notes;- Send basic contact information to others by email;- Shows upcoming birthdays;- Shows upcoming events;- Shows unfiled contacts;- Shows company, job title and department on the contact list;
FEATURES IN COMMON WITH ABCONTACTS LITE :- Create, rename and delete group of contacts;- Edit contact group membership on one screen;- Quick action to email to groups of contacts;- Assign and remove contacts to groups with a fast and simple interface;- Create, edit and remove contacts with the same user interface as the contacts built-in app;- Quick actions to call, email and sms a contact;- Mail and SMS are sent using the built-in applications;- Some customizable options in the settings.

To open the Quick Actions double tap on the group or contact. No sms to group sorry, it can't be done with the current software development kit; No VCARD (just simple text email) since we can't send attachment yet with the built-in Mail app.

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