AdLibs – Review

On October 5, 2008

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AdLibs – Review

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By: Tyree Giles

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-09-19


Price: 0.99

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When I was ________ (number) I used to love to play MadLibs. It was especially fun when we were riding in  __________ (mode of travel). The process of taking a text and blindly adding a variety of _____ (noun) to it based upon the part of speech indicated was fun.  The resulting _________ (noun) was always good for a ________ (adjective) laugh.  It was especially good when you ____________ (verb in the past tense) with _________ (number) or more other ________ (noun).

Although you never knew what kind of ________  (noun) you would end up creating, on thing was for sure- it would always be worth a laugh.

AdLibs brings the fun of MadLibs to the iPhone in a fun, easy-to-use way. It offers three modes- Classic Libs, Random Libs and Edit Mode.




In “Classic Libs“ Mode, you choose a story and then add the parts of speech indicated within the set fields.  At the end, it automatically inserts your chosen fields and creates a fun, unique story based upon your choices.

In ”Random“ Mode, the apps adds in the missing words, and auto-generates the text for you.  It is a cute trick, but rather senseless IMO. ”Edit Mode“, allows you to change the various words that are used by "Random Mode" when filling in the text.

Obviously, I am partial to “Classic Mode”, since it recreates the original game most closely. Unfortunately, the stories I have tried are kind of lame and are far shorter than the ones I remember. (Then again, I remember the Turtle Back Zoo near my childhood home as being far bigger than it really is so… who knows.)

What would be expecially neat in a future update would be the ability to take your own text and turn IT into an AdLib.

Despite this, for quick fun whether alone or with others, though, AdLibs is worth a look.

Quick Take

Value:  Medium
Would I Buy Again: Maybe
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for:  Anyone but especially those of us who recall MadLibs from our childhood.
What I like: Fun, easy to use, nostalgic .
What I Don’t:  Stories short and kind of lame.

Final Statement:  This was fun to play with but, for the most part, just because it brought back nice memories.


Read the Developer's Notes:
Adlibs is a new mobile take on the classic game of mixing words to come up with stories so funny you'll be crying with laughter! Adlibs is also a great party game. Everyone can take turns coming up with words, and one person reads the hillarious results.
Too tired to enter all the words yourself? G to Random Mode and let Adlibs do the work for you! It will generate a unique story each time using a built in, editable dictionary of words!

Classic Mode:Choose a story, and enter the words manually.
Random Mode:Hit a button and Adlibs generates a randomized unique story every time.
Edit Mode:Add or remove words from the game's dictionary to be used in Random Mode.O U R   T A K E . . .

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