Howcast: A Great Tool For Anyone Who Wants To Know How To Do Everything

On May 10, 2010

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Howcast: A Great Tool For Anyone Who Wants To Know How To Do Everything

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Looking for some exercises to improve your triceps? Need to know how to jump start your car right now? Curious about the best way to light a photograph? All of these questions can be answered through the Howcast app. This app connects the user to the massive video library at the Howcast website.

This means that entering the search terms into the main screen will generate a list of appropriate information. Additionally, the user of the app can simply scroll through the Featured videos, they can shake the device to see only those that will display well in the current network conditions, and they can even save their favorites to the Playlists too.

There is a history tab that also allows the app user to review their most recent views as well. In addition to the excellent video content the app user can also take a look at the transcripts of each video too. Finally, there is a Random feature that allows the app user to just shake the device in order to get a series of randomly selected videos to enjoy as well.

Though there are other how-to applications, only the Howcast app takes the user directly to the content of the popular website and gives access to such a wide range of subject matter.

There is no cost to download and use the Howcast app, and updates are made available entirely for free as well. This app functions with Android devices.

For anyone who enjoys access to how-to materials, or for those who want to be able to take care of many issues without calling for help, this is definitely a valuable app to acquire.

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