Urbanspoon: Figure Out What To Eat And Where To Dine In Your Area

On September 23, 2009
Urbanspoon: Figure Out What To Eat And Where To Dine In Your Area

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There are some questions that are simultaneously annoying and exciting, and one of the most well-known of them is “Where should we go for dinner?” Finding a good restaurant can be hazardous, and with today’s economy many people don’t want to risk the expense if it isn’t going to be a decent experience.

Luckily the Urbanspoon app can be used to find a restaurant, read reviews about it, and even choose how much to spend on a meal. The app lets the individual use their mobile device’s GPS to find a restaurant within their general vicinity, or they can manually enter their location. They can then apply the built-in filters for cuisine types, prices, and even neighborhoods. This will generate a list of potential eateries from which to select.

Each will have information available, including printed or user reviews, popularity among other app users, and if the restaurant serves the sort of dishes you are hoping to enjoy. There is also contact information, address, and hours for most as well. If the listings are not suitable, the app will broaden the search for nearby restaurants or cafes in the wider area. If the diners are a bit more daring they can use the app’s “shake” feature and just shake the device to turn up a random recommendation too.

The Urbanspoon app is not the only restaurant app available, but it is specific to urban regions and includes both professional and amateur reviews in its comparisons. It works with Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

There is no cost for this app, and users can post comments of their own too.

If you want some help with deciding where to dine, this is a good app to turn to.

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