Wikipedia Mobile: Get The Answers You Need Wherever You Are

On September 19, 2009
Wikipedia Mobile: Get The Answers You Need Wherever You Are

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Where do you turn for answers to common reference questions? If you are like millions of others you might most often refer to the Wikipedia website. This is full of all kinds of helpful information, links, media and more. Now it is available for mobile device users too through the Wikipedia Mobile app.

The Wikipedia Mobile app is intended to be the official platform for Wikipedia enthusiasts, and as such it is shaping up to function in the same ways as the popular website. For example, the source code is open and community built, which means all users will be able to participate and add information when possible. The app itself functions exactly as the site – the user begins by opening the home page on the interface and inputting their search terms.

Next, they can see various elements that include links to related stories, or even to websites and pages. There is the simple refresh button that takes the user one step back, and the developers have even included the “Today’s Featured Article” that so often leads people on an unexpected journey through the website.

This is the exclusive platform for the site and it works with Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

There is no charge for the Wikipedia Mobile app, and the developers encourage others to contribute to the development of the app by participating in the programming work.

If you want to get instant answers through your mobile device, the Wikipedia Mobile app is the right solution for your needs.

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