FT Mobile: World Leading Market News, Analysis And Commentary

On August 27, 2009
FT Mobile: World Leading Market News, Analysis And Commentary

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The world of finance might have a reputation as a staid and somewhat traditional issue, but it is in fact quite volatile and high-pressured. This is the reason many people involved in it will turn to all of the tools available. For many that means reading the Financial Times, and the FT Mobile app is a great way to get updated information as quick as possible.

This app delivers free articles to registered users, but it also lets them get incredibly detailed reports about markets around the world. Up to the minute statistics, news, commentary and analysis are available directly through the app, and users can also read stock performance data and summaries while browsing through the FT website’s portfolio as well. This app provides a detailed world map displaying overview data of daily market performance, and the trends in currency, commodities and bonds too.

The user can create customized tracking charts that compare specific stocks against their indices. There is also a search function that allows the user to conduct research about potential investments and opportunities. Finally, there is a helpful global currency converter included in the download.

There are other news and financial apps for those choosing to use Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, but the authoritative and comprehensive coverage delivered through the FT Mobile app is going to be remarkably informative and valuable.

This app is free to download and if the user wants total access to the premium materials they will have to complete the full subscription of their account.

If you want to have a leading edge in the financial markets, this app is going to become an important tool for your success.

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