Qik: Share Live Video With The World From Your Mobile Phone And Promote Your Talent

On July 28, 2009
Qik: Share Live Video With The World From Your Mobile Phone And Promote Your Talent

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Have you ever wanted to share the live video from your mobile phone? Imagine streaming video from your phone to family members around the world, or even establishing yourself as an online reporter by sending up to the minute video through your mobile device. The Qik app makes this entirely possible. Business professionals, everyday people, and all kinds of media specialists are using Qik to enhance their websites, remain in touch, and give their profiles a “high-tech” edge.

The Qik app can usually stream to a web path from half of a second to within three seconds of the live video beginning. The quality of the stream is not diminished as it crosses the necessary platforms to reach its destination, and playback is always available. All streams are entirely secure and the application is constantly being revised to meet the ever-growing user base for this fantastic technology.

Currently, the Qik app is available for almost any mobile device, and a user simply joins the community using the company’s website, and then begins streaming video whenever they wish. The application is also able to integrate with Facebook to allow for an unending number of video posts too. There are other video streaming apps for mobile phones, but Qik seems to have taken the leading edge on such a function.

The application is entirely free to download, although the user must register through the site at the same time.

If you would like to enjoy the many benefits of streaming video through your mobile device, visit the Qik site and download the application today.

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