LauncherPro: Improve Your Home Screen Efficiency And Make It Functional

On September 13, 2010

App Type: Android

LauncherPro: Improve Your Home Screen Efficiency And Make It Functional

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By: Federico Carnales

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Anyone with an Android device will be familiar with the Launcher home screen, but the LauncherPro app seeks to improve upon this by expanding its capabilities and making it possible to access up to seven screens at once. The LauncherPro app is set to a default of three home screens, but this is easily expanded to seven in the settings area.

The user can then use the handy quick links to get to their contacts, phone, apps, messages, and more. The design of the main screen is especially cool with 3D rolling effects and numbered notifications appearing when any new texts, calls or emails are received too.

The functions of the touch screen are incorporated into the app, and with a simple pinch, the user can take a look at all of their home screens in a single reduced view. The app is geared for those who want optimal usability from their device and who are looking to enjoy some customization too.

The Android devices all feature the default Launcher, but the LauncherPro app is designed to help those who are taking advantage of the many apps available and who want a totally custom look to their device screen.

This app functions in all Android devices. There is no cost for the download of the LauncherPro app, and all updates are made available at no additional cost as well.

If you want to streamline your use of an Android device and get the most out of its communication functions, this is a good app to add today.

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