INRIX TRAFFIC: A Sure Way To Eliminate Road Rage And Traffic Tickets

On March 1, 2010

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INRIX TRAFFIC: A Sure Way To Eliminate Road Rage And Traffic Tickets

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What is the most common reason for people to behave badly behind the wheel? Usually it has to do with traffic congestion or the need to arrive somewhere on time. Combine the two situations and you have road rage and unreasonable driving. With the INRIX TRAFFIC app, however, drivers can use real-time data to avoid frustrating delays and bad behavior.

The INRIX TRAFFIC app provides the user with current traffic conditions for over one hundred and sixty thousand miles of roadway within one hundred and twenty-six cities in the United States and Canada. It will alert a driver to accidents or construction that might lead to serious traffic jams or delays, and it will even point out when a convention center or other facility is hosting a concert or event that will lead to increases in traffic too.

It can even use predictive technologies to generate the fastest route and estimated time of arrival as well. The regular commuter can also plug in their daily drive and use this to get up to date information about the route along with suggestions for an alternate approach due to congestion or delays. There is also a handy traffic camera feature that ties to more than ten thousand cameras all across the United States.

There are many navigational apps, but the INRIX TRAFFIC app is one that is designed for very personalized use and delivers results based on real-time data. This app operates with Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices.

There is no charge for this app, though an in-app upgrade to a Pro version is available.

If you are someone who hates to encounter traffic delays, roadway congestion, or just likes to explore new routes, this is one app to acquire right away.

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