Knocking Live Video: Let Friends And Family See What You See As You See It

On June 28, 2010

App Type: Android, iPhone

Knocking Live Video: Let Friends And Family See What You See As You See It

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If you have ever been interested in sending live video streams and feeds to friends and family, but don’t want to be tied to a desktop to do it, the Knocking Live Video app is just for you. It allows people to create connections and then send live video through their mobile device camera.

The Knocking Live Video requires the sender and receiver to create a connection, and then the sender begins using their mobile device camera as a standard video camera. This sends a broadcast, with full sound, to the friend on the other end of the connection. The reason it is called Knocking is because it requires the use of a Push Notification to alert the receiver that you are trying to get their attention and make the video connection.

The connection lasts as long as both parties are in service, and the process ends when the sender taps the End Knock button on their screen. Both parties are required to have the app loaded to their device, and it is easy to seek out new friends via the simple search function.

There are a lot of social networking and video apps, but the Knocking Live Video app is truly unique in its ability to send private streams of live video between two mobile devices.

There is no cost for the download of the Knocking Live Video app, and all updates are free of charge too. This app works with Android, iPod Touch, and iPhone devices.

If you want to enjoy live video coverage of social and family events, this is a great solution to your needs.

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