ShopSavvy: Bargain Shopping Just Became Almost Effortless

On April 5, 2010

App Type: Android, Nokia, Symbian

ShopSavvy: Bargain Shopping Just Became Almost Effortless

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By: Big in Japan

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Are you a bargain hunter? In this economy almost everyone is looking to save a few bucks on almost everything that they buy, and with the ShopSavvy app it is one of the easiest things imaginable. The ShopSavvy app allows you to find prices in traditional brick and mortar stores and in online venues too.

You can do it simply by using the camera on your Android device to scan the UPC bar code. In seconds the app scouts out all available retail locations and gives each site’s current pricing. If you don’t have an example of the item right in front of you can also just key in the terms and use the built-in search engine to deliver instant results.

Anything that you find can be added to wish lists that can then be emailed to friends and family in order to give them some gentle hints about the perfect gifts to buy for you. You can also cue the app to send you a Price Alert once the item has reached a designated price, and even save your browsing history to check in on the going rate for the products you want too.

There are many shopping apps, but the ShopSavvy app allows you to set pricing, track your favorite products, and even use a point by point Google map to make your way to traditional stores.

There is no cost associated with the download of the ShopSavvy app and all updates are free of charge too. This app works with Android, Nokia, and Symbian devices.

When you want the best pricing possible, this is the ideal app to use.

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