RepliGo Reader: You Can Now View And Zoom PDF Files On Your Android Device

On July 18, 2009

App Type: Android

RepliGo Reader: You Can Now View And Zoom PDF Files On Your Android Device

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By: Cerience Corporation, Inc.

Version #: 1.3

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Price: 7.95

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You never know when you are going to receive a PDF file via your email on your mobile phone. When you do, it is important that you are able to access it. That is what RepliGo Reader for Android does. It allows you to view PDF files that are emailed to you or that you have already saved to your phone.

You can retrieve the files from your email, from your phone’s memory, or you can read PDF files that are embedded in websites. Furthermore, you can view a variety of fonts, graphics, and can zoom to read text if you need to. If you have a difficult time reading the content, there is a special reading view function that you can take advantage of. PDF bookmarks also make dealing with large documents much easier. When you use RepliGo Reader to view PDF files, you are able to see the files the same way you would on your desktop.

And when needing to read PDF files on your mobile device for business reasons, the $7.99 download price more than pays for itself. You’ll be able to open any and all documents that you need to view.

So if you find yourself stuck because you can’t open necessary PDF files, a RepliGo Reader download will more than solve the problem. Download today and make your phone even more functional than ever.

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