AT&T Virtual Receptionist – Review

On October 16, 2009

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AT&T Virtual Receptionist – Review

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Version #: 1.6 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-02-13

Developer: RingCentral, Inc

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Do you own a small business?  Are you tired of your personal mobile phone number being displayed everywhere?  Do you wish you had a separate, inexpensive number for your business?  Well, enter an App called AT&T Virtual Receptionist from AT&T and RingCentral.
With AT&T Virtual Receptionist you will receive a toll-free 800 or 888 number that will actually ring to your iPhone.  The customer calling will hear a message while the call gets transferred to your iPhone.  If you don’t answer, a voicemail is left within the App (or you can choose to have the call forwarded to another number).  When you call your customer from within the App, your call shows up as your business phone number not your personal number even though you are using the iPhone – very nice!  You can also receive faxes (if you purchase a plan).
So what’s catch?  You get 60 free minutes a month and will get notified as you approach the limit.  After that, you can pick from one of several plans, (i.e., $5 for another 100 minutes).
I have a small business and have been using AT&T Virtual Receptionist for a week.  It works perfectly and after a very easy setup, I’ve been receiving calls and making calls to customers.  I will probably step up to a paid plan in the future but what a small price to pay to have a toll-free business number and to make my small business more professional.  Thanks, AT&T and RingCentral.

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Would I Buy Again:yes

Learning Curve:easy

Who Is It For:small business owners

What I Like:ease of use

Final Statement:great way to make your business more professional

Read the Developer's Notes:
Get a second number for your businessPresent your business more professionally with a professional auto-attendant.Receive faxes on the same business phone number and view it directly from your iPhone, just like you receive voicemails.**Show your business number on Caller ID from your iPhone.Easily separate your business and personal calls with a free Toll-Free telephone number.AT&T Virtual Receptionist includes:•Professional auto-attendant, company greeting and business voicemail.•A new toll free number for your business. FREE!•60 toll free minutes each month. FREE!*•Instant setup and activation directly from your iPhone.•Custom call forwarding to up to three phone numbers to create your own mobile business phone system.•Internet fax, with ability to view faxes from your iPhone.**Ability to show your toll free business Caller ID when making business calls from your iPhone. Calls made to or from your AT&T Virtual Receptionist toll free number count towards your 60 toll free minutes. Minutes for Virtual Receptionist calls made and received on your AT&T wireless phone count towards your AT&T wireless voice plan minutes.**For paid accounts

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