Auditorium – Review

On April 21, 2010

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Auditorium – Review

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By: Electronic Arts

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2009-11-13


Price: 2.99

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Let it be known right off the bat: Auditorium is unlike anything I’ve played on the iPhone–or on any platform, for that matter. Here is a game that, like a lot of other games, challenges your problem-solving skills, but unlike most games, rewards you with wonderful music and visuals.

It seems that Auditorium was developed with only one thing in mind: the audio-visual experience of the player. The game is divided into "acts," which are subdivided into levels. You must solve the puzzle in each level in an act in order to unlock the succeeding act and be able to play more levels. But what exactly is the puzzle?

The puzzle basically involves a flow of sparkling particles and one or more color containers. Your goal is to guide these particles into the containers with matching colors by dragging the provided directional controls toward the path of the particles. A color container looks like one of those bars in a graphic equalizer, and when particles of the correct color pass through it, it creates beautiful music. Even more beautiful music can be heard when two or more color containers as well as color spheres (round enclosures that change the color of the particles that pass through them) are involved, resulting in a symphony of sound that is simply amazing and in an arrangement of multi-colored particles that is visually arresting.

The acts that are included upon download of Auditorium are designed to be progressively difficult and to intermittently introduce new elements of gameplay, such as new directional controls and color containers that require particles of more than one color to pass through them. They each contain a good number of levels, but you can purchase more advanced acts in the in-game store for a small fee. These in-app purchases are great ways to spend your money on, especially if you really want more hours of aural and visual enjoyment, which I’m pretty sure you will.

Quick Take

Value:Very High.

Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Medium to High. There is an informative help page if you get lost.

Who Is It For:Those looking for a unique game that can provide a feast for their eyes and ears.

What I Like:The concept. The realistic physics involved in the flow of particles. The harmonious music.

What I Don't Like:No scoring system, and consequently, no online leaderboard and social media integration.

Final Statement:Rarely do I stumble upon an iPhone game that is so brilliant and innovative that playing it almost always makes me want to say, "Wow." Auditorium is one such game.

Read the Developer's Notes:
CAN YOU BUILD HARMONY? As fans of this unique, award-winning puzzle game know, AUDITORIUM is all about the experience. Tranquil yet tantalizing. Puzzling but peaceful…Play it, and you’ll understand. SYNCHRONIZE SIGHT & SOUND To play, guide a“Flow” of particles into audio containers. Your objective? Create a harmonic convergence of color, light, and music. It’s a simply captivating challenge. DIRECT & PROTECT YOUR “FLOW" Utilize intuitive touchscreen controls to attract, repel, or deflect your Flow. Avoid obstacles that can disrupt…EXPLORE, ENGAGE, ESCAPE Explore the game. Engage with the artful graphics and high-quality audio. Grasp AUDITORIUM’s sophisticated simplicity. Strategize or relax… orchestrate your own little escape.PLAY, REPLAY & MASTER THE CHALLENGE Play through 5 ACTS with up to 7 levels in each. With several solutions to all 25 levels, AUDITORIUM is richly enjoyable.

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