Bailout Wars – Review

On February 26, 2010

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Bailout Wars – Review

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By: Bailout Wars

Version #: 1.1.4 (iPhone OS 3.0 Tested)

Date Released: 2009-10-09

Developer: Gameloft S.A.

Price: 0.99

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Are you righteously pissed about the billion dollar bailouts? Do you wish you could do something about it without actually being charged with a felony? Do you really like Fox News? 

Then pick up a copy of Gamelot’s latest satirical side-scrolling tower defense of madness that is "Bailout Wars," a creative, manic little number ripped straight from the headlines.

You play an anonymous civil defenseman trying to protect the nation’s ever-dwindling financial resources from an oncoming army wielding everything from flamethrowers to gun mounted helicopters. And these aren’t just your typical video games enemies like your average run-of-the-mill acid spitting aliens or mouthbreathing zombies. These are the lowest of the low: Wall Street big shots.

They run towards the White House in increasing numbers and you have to defend the mounting attack by flicking them off the screen like little flies. Different enemies require different interaction giving the game a little variety and it also offers weapons upgrades as the onslaugh increases from the tiny briefcast toting banker to the massive CEO.

It’s cartoonish style gives the whole game a nice political cartoon feel, further cementing its satiric nature and the characters move quite fluidly through the game. The variety of interactivity keeps the game fun, but can jam up if you’ve got a wave of enemies to contend with and they happen to get in the way of each other.

It’s a fun variation on a type of game that iPhone users know all too well, even if it’s satiric nature makes you cry a little inside. Thanks Wall Street. Now I’ll never be able to buy that pony my inner child has always wanted.

Quick Take

Value:Either way your money is going to Uncle Sam, so definitely

Would I Buy Again:Yes, especially if the dollar collapses to just below the Canadian loony

Learning Curve:It's a simple click and throw game, so even a Congressional paige can figure it out

Who Is It For:Anyone who has ever bought stock in Lehman Brothers, Goldman-Sachs or AIG

What I Like:It's got a great animated look that gives a simple tower defense game a lot of depth

What I Don't Like:The enemies can get in the way of each other and make the controls a bit more difficult

Final Statement:Buy it, even if y ou have to cash in your emergency gold stockpile that you're saving for the oncoming economic apocalypse

Read the Developer's Notes:
Take revenge on bankers in this fast-paced castle defense game. Defend the White House and save the US taxpayers’ money before it gets stolen! It’s time for you to give them what they deserve!- The most topical and humorous castle defense concept ever!- It’s your only chance to really take revenge on bankers for the recession they caused- Earn money to buy spectacular defenses and upgrades including a sniper, a tank or Uncle Sam!- Explore many different ways to beat bankers: tap, grab or shake them in the air- 5 different enemies to fight with ground and air units including helicopters and vacuum bankers- Accessible to everyone, whether you are right- or left-handedFor fans of Stickwars, Fieldrunners and Defend your CastleOther Gameloft games you may like: Siberian Strike, Let’s Golf!, Real Soccer 2009, Real Tennis 2009, Asphalt 4 and Ferrari GT: EvolutionPublished and developed by Gameloft.

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