Black Sheep – Review and Giveaway

On February 24, 2009

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Black Sheep – Review and Giveaway

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By: Black Sheep

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2009-01-30

Developer: Rarebyte Angermann OEG

Price: 3.99

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Black Sheep is probably one of the "funnest" games I have played for the iPhone yet.

I am a big fan of puzzle/logic games and Black Sheep easily counts as one. The game is easy enough, open up the application and click play and it will load the last level you were on. If it’s your first time playing it will obviously start on level 1, duh! The objective of the game is to get the black sheep out of the pen through the open door. There is no D-pad in Black Sheep, no tilt control, you simply place different directional arrows around the pen and when the black sheep runs over them, he will turn and run that direction. Once you hit go your sheep will immediately head off in the direction he is facing, and he will continue to run whichever way the arrows tell him to until he falls into a hole, hits a wall, or finds the exit. As you progress more through the game you will be given more white sheep to control as well. White sheep are pretty much dummy sheep, you place the same arrows for them to con them into falling in holes, or filling gaps in a bridge so that the black sheep can run over them. Even higher into the levels you will discover buttons. These buttons control doors that block the way to the exit, you will have to move your sheep to step on the buttons to drop the door before the black sheep is able to escape. The game promises 40+ levels and I am really hoping for more in the future.

As far as complaints go I am coming up dry for the most part. Physics work well, the game isn’t extremely difficult, and overall it is very fun and quite enjoyable way to spend a few minutes here and there. I guess if I had to complain about something it will be placement of the arrows. I had a few occasions when I would place two or three arrows quite close together, and if one dropped in the wrong spot it would be difficult to move the correct one. I’d tap my finger on it, and it would pick up the wrong arrow. In cases like these I ended up having to move all the arrows out of the way, and then put them all back all over again. It isn’t a huge problem, and having arrows that close together doesn’t happen in every level, but it can get a bit irritating. I would really like the developer to release an update with some more levels, and maybe some more challenges as well. Possibly some trap doors or more walls to make getting your black sheep from point A to point B even more challenging.



Would I Buy Again:

Learning Curve:
None-Very Easy

Who is it For: Everyone, it’s a game!

My Likes:
Very good game. No lags, simple physics that work well. Challenging but not impossible in the higher levels.

My Dislikes: Arrow placement isn’t always perfect, but not a mood killer.

Final Statement: Like I said Black Sheep is one of the "funnest" games I have played yet on my iPhone. It is one I will definitely keep installed and eagerly anticipate updates with more levels. If you are a fan of puzzle/logic games Black Sheep will make a nice addition to your iPhone gaming collection.

Rating: 4 stars

The developer has been generous to give us a few codes to giveaway for this great game. Want a chance to win a promo code? Simply leave a comment below telling us a time where you felt like the Black Sheep and wanted to escape! Good luck!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Black Sheep is a funny, brainteasing puzzle game.Help the Black Sheep to escape from the feed lot!Show your puzzling skills in 40 levels full of eye-candy sheeps, obstacles and tricky missions.Features:- Sheep puzzle game- 40+ brainteasing levels- Multiple solutions per level- Eye-candy graphics
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