Bleep Word Guessing Game for iPhone, iPad Review

On March 10, 2011

App Type: iPad, iPhone

Bleep Word Guessing Game for iPhone, iPad Review

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By: Scott Singer

Version #: 1.5

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Developer: By Scott Singer

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As opposed to most other games in the Itunes store, the Bleep Game app is a word game that requires more than one player. Preferably, two teams of two or more players even. Which makes it family friendly fun and ideal for the coming Spring holidays!

The two teams take each other on in a battle to guess the secret word within a set, limited time frame. (you choose between 60 seconds, 90 seconds or 2 minutes, if you’re playing with kids, I’d start with 2 minutes)

You can give your teammates some hints, but you can’t use the forbidden words. So, for instance, “Bus” has city, school, driver, stop and greyhound as it’s Bleep-words. Can’t use those, or you loose your points. But it doesn’t exclude public transport, wheels or ticket, so there’s room for hinting, you just have to think a little bit outside the box. Which is great for kids AND adults alike. There are three settings: free, which means you can just keep going until somebody gives up, Rapid fire, which is a quicky round, and High score, which allows you to decide to what score and for how long you want to play. With over 2000 words, you can play pretty much for ever.

It’s basically an old family party game, but with a couple of modern tricks up its sleeve: there are Bleep bombs, and if you don’t answer quickly enough, they explode. Also, every now and again you get a random double point card, which can make or break you. As a very competitive person, I like this game. I can imagine long holiday drives playing Bleep in the car or waiting in airport lounges: a great way to pass the time together.

We rate this app 4 out of 5 stars

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