5 Amazing Strategy Games for iPhone

On May 9, 2013

The iPhone gaming arena has had a popularity explosion, quite literally, with new puzzle, strategy and action games hitting the App Store on a daily basis. You can get the coolest strategy games on your iPhone today with a mere click of a button. Strategy games are spreading like wild fire because of their killer styles and designs, and intricate plots. If you are pumping with adrenalin, there are fast and reflex-y games to sweep you off your feet. If you prefer a slower pace, you’ll have the lean-back, contemplative experience you are craving for.


Foundation Wars: Elite Edition (free)

This is one of the top strategy and action games for iOS. There is another world where another you exists; where inequity and constraint are non-existent; and where the human culture is facing its end. Foundation Wars connect you to this other you and you have to do with basic rules to acquire the honor that is rightfully yours. There are three human races: ordinary human, super-powered light human, and huge-bodied steel human. There are also three arms of soldiers: the sniper, the assault, and the heavy infantry. The sniper is perfect for long distance attacks, the assault will help you when you need speed, and an excellent defense is put up by the infantry. There are other resources you have to choose carefully, too, in order to increase your military power.

You can play with thousands of players online and forge diplomatic alliances with friendly foundations. You strategize on live chat in real time. Identify the advantages you have and put your humans and arms in the right positions, and you’ll win maxima with the least cost.


Army of Darkness Defense (free)

Now this is a work of art. The stunning animated graphics will have you drooling for some action before you’ve even downloaded the game onto your mobile device. The vast military knowledge this game displays easily makes it the most well-balanced and tightest action you may have seen. Ever.

Your quest is very straightforward. Army of Darkness Defense takes you back in time and you have to fight evil at every turn, even ready to lay down your life, to protect King Arthur’s castle. Of course your importance to the king’s army cannot have you dying! The game is a perfect combination of magnificent graphics and casual gameplay, surrounded by armored knights, swordsmen, and archers. Special abilities aid your quest, such as spells, the 88 deathcoaster, the boomstick, and the chainsaw. Talk of relieving the Medieval Era on your phone as you fight alongside the legendary King Arthur!


Talisman Prologue ($4.99)

This is a board strategy game that has you exploring the land of Talisman. The legend of the Talisman unfolds as you go through a series of adventures on a board. The deep story is created as you play a game of dice to move along all the regions of the board: these are the inner, internal, and external regions. Each space has you drawing a card and using special effects to guide your hero across a land full of possibilities. You will come face to face with monsters, discover loyal followers, and amass treasures. The Talisman Prologue is so engaging that no one would accuse you, even if you are a veteran, for expecting multiplayer gameplay.


Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort (free)

At last, the long-awaited sequel to Virtual City is here. Virtual City 2: Paradise Resort may even win the hearts of more millions than its predecessor. You will still go on constructing your dream city in the picturesque Utah Mountains, Alaska’s snowy expanses, Nevada’s arid lands, and Florida’s sunny sea coast. With 29 distinct mission scenarios, 12 production chains, 73 building types, and 98 achievements just waiting for you a couple of buttons away, there is no restrictions to the kind of Casino you can build, sky resort you can open, or ice hotel you can design. Imagine having the opportunity to be all-powerful, building your very own virtual city and having the liberty to upgrade it as you fancy!


Plants vs. Zombies ($0.99)

From the word go, you start strategizing on the potato mines to set up, peas splitting fruits to shoot, cherry bombs to set off, and a bunch of other awesome plants in your arsenal to protect your home from an invading fun-loving zombie army. You’ll be caught in a desperate fight with the zombies on four levels, and you must mulchify them while using very little sun. When you are done and just about to throw your zombie-zapping plants in the dumpster, even more difficult challenges come up and the battle is pretty much endless. Gear up for the fight of your life against 26 types of zombies. This game is greatly improved, with an infinite mode plus five new levels, as well as really powerful new hammers for fighting against Gargantua.