5 iPhone Apps To Help You Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

On June 2, 2013

People aspire to great things and hope that they dreams will become reality. Sometimes, for all of this, we need a few small things. We present five applications that give you the start to make your dreams true!

1. Everest

This app for iPhone and iPod touch allows users to have unlimited dreams and also works as a social network. Everest has a lot of different features that allows users to follow their dreams and to create new goals.

Accounts are created by e-mail or through the Facebook social network which allows users to track their friends until they reach their goals. In addition, they have the possibility to set different deadlines until fulfillment of their dreams.

2. Lift

It is a web application for iPhone that allows users to select a goal and stick with it, until you fulfill it. In this respect, a graph is made showing how long will take to achieve the objective.

There are is a Lift community, so users will share their customs with others and will encourage each other.

3. 43 Things

This iPhone app has over 3 million users that share their dreams and goals. The platform invites users to write their dreams as a simple sentence or be structured in a blog.

In addition, through this application, you can get an idea of the time required to fulfill the objective and how valuable it is. In addition, you can interact with users having the same dream.

4. Wishlab

It is an iPhone app that uses photographs, text and video to be able to track your dreams. Thus, you can add a desire on your wall, using your pictures, text or video. Later, you will receive e-mail notifications, not to forget about your dream.

5. Habitforge

It is a web application that helps you to develop healthy habits that contribute to the objectives. The idea of this application is that you need to have 21 consecutive days to make a habit. Habitforge will send you an e-mail every day to ensure you do not abandon your goals.