6 things that have disappeared due to the iPhone

On January 14, 2014


With the advent of the iPhone, several social environment elements were affected. We present six things that have disappeared with the advent of the iPhone.

7 years ago, the CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, showed the phone of the future, iPhone.

At that time, in 2008, Jobs wanted to achieve by the end of the year, a rate of 1% of the total sales of mobile phones globally. Today, the iPhone holds 12,9% market share in the segment of mobile phones, and led to a whole new marketing level, technology developed by Apple didn’t had only positive effects.

1) Maps: Before Google Maps, most of the drivers had a map in the car, which to consult if they lost. Although many of them have abandoned them, if you are the owner of an iPhone such a map is also worth checking, because there were many cases in which the path indicated by the app to be a wrong one.

2) Good manners: Remember when you stay at the table with others and discuss about.. moon and stars? iPhone has replaced these discussions with food photography by Instagram application,

3) Blackberry: iPhone sales growth led to the bankruptcy of Blackberry, although we cannot blame Apple for the company’s failure to keep pace with technology.

4) Alarm Clock: Remember the deafening sound of the alarm clock? If so, think of the most common tone of alarm calls. What is the first that comes to mind?

5) Small camera: Because it is always handy, the iPhone’s camera replaced the normal one.

6) iPod: For more than three years, the iPhone has managed to lower iPod sales, Apple fans opting for iPhones instead of iPads.